Predicting the Risk of Vulnerability Exploits: The Missing Piece of the Cyber Risk Management Puzzle

Security professionals know that they can’t close every vulnerability and prevent every threat. Despite advances in tools, tactics, and efficiency I constantly hear from security pros that they still feel stuck in a reactive mode of closing what they can while trying to reduce the time to detect and remediate threats in the environment. But what if you could identify and close vulnerabilities that are likely to become high risk—well before attackers begin to leverage them?

Traditionally, cyber security efforts have focused on looking backward at historical data. After a breach occurred, security teams analyzed logs and event packets to determine what happened so that they could take the appropriate measures to prevent a similar breach from occurring again. Since then, the practice of scanning for vulnerabilities has matured, but Remediation Teams still can’t close everything, as evidenced by high profile data breaches. That’s not a reflection on Security’s efforts, but on their tools. There’s always been a missing piece to the puzzle.

It doesn’t make sense to lock the door after a robber is already in your house; if you know people are breaking in, why wait? That line of thinking is exactly why we developed Kenna’s Exploit Prediction feature. Think of it as an early warning system for security teams. Leveraging Kenna’s proprietary Cyber Risk Context Technology™, Exploit Prediction applies machine learning, predictive modeling, and data science to accurately forecast which vulnerabilities will become weaponized and exploited. It then prioritizes these vulnerabilities within your remediation workflow, alerting Security and IT Operations Teams to take action before those vulnerabilities ever become a threat.

This technology completes and extends even the best cyber security practices from proactive to predictive. Exploit Prediction provides visibility into the future risk of vulnerabilities on the systems within your environment so that you don’t have to wait a minute longer than necessary—and does so with 94% predictive accuracy.

We are excited to be able to give Security teams what they need to mature their vulnerability management efforts from proactive to predictive.

If you’d like to learn more, download our white paper on Exploit Prediction: The Future of Vulnerability Management.