Remediate Based on Risk with Cisco Secure Endpoint & Kenna

Apr 11, 2022
Monica White
VP of Product Marketing

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Cisco Secure Endpoint users: Your view of computer risk just got better. 

The Kenna team has had its eye on Cisco Secure Endpoint since the early days of the acquisition. The inference technology we built a few years ago is a natural fit for Secure Endpoint: it would give users the ability to see the risk of their devices based on the Kenna Risk Score and investigate the vulnerabilities within—how risky are they, why, and how can they be fixed? 

Needless to say, we’re excited to see the first phase of this integration come to life this month. Today, Cisco Secure Endpoint users can see a number of new helpful data points and views for computers running Windows 10:

  • A computer’s risk score: For the computer in question, the Kenna Risk Score will be displayed in the details section. This will be the max risk score of all the vulnerabilities on that OS version.
  • Vulnerabilities and their risk scores: A list of the vulnerabilities with their associated Kenna Risk Scores as well as additional info like CVSS score, a description, and tags for any characteristics that affect their risk, like whether or not they’re malware exploitable, involved in an active internet breach, etc. (This type of iconography will be very familiar to any Kenna customers.)
  • Available fixes: If there’s a fix available for a given vulnerability, users can navigate to the relevant knowledge base to see more detail.  

This kind of intelligence on vulnerability gives users on Security teams significantly more insight into the risk associated with their endpoints, allowing them to focus remediation resources on the riskiest vulnerabilities first. The outcome: less risk, more efficiency. 

Alas, we can gush on and on about the integration but why not let the Secure Endpoint team tell you about it themselves. Check out their announcement to learn more and see the integration in action!


Read Cisco Secure Endpoint blog announcement.

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