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Reporting Risk To The Board

Oct 7, 2020
Dan Mellinger

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We discuss the evolution of cybersecurity metrics and reporting to Boards of Directors.

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Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

Memo to CISOs: How to Make Vulnerability Management Matter to Your Board

It’s a rare board member who gets really excited about vulnerability management. The topic of assessing your host, network, and application vulnerabilities–and strategies to remediate them–is likely to cause most directors to look for the door.  Sure, vulnerability management is important, they acknowledge. Just not at that altitude. That is, unless you approach vulnerability management…


Around the Virtual Table with Chris, Jeremiah & Ed

Today on Security Science, we have a special around the virtual table with some of the biggest names in cybersecurity discussing a wide range of topics like the securing remote worker, whether companies really moving to the cloud, and the impact of the 2020 presidential election.


Analyzing Vulnerability Remediation Strategies with Cyentia Institute

The first in a multi-part dive into the Prioritization to Prediction (P2P) research series by Kenna Security and The Cyentia Institute – guests Ed Bellis and Wade Baker discuss P2P Volume 1 which quantifies the performance of vulnerability prioritization and remediation strategies for the very first time. If you have any feedback or want to be…


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