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Jul 30, 2014
Ed Bellis
Chief Technology Officer, Co-founder

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At Risk I/O our number one goal is making the web and our customers safer by using real-world data to drive security decisions. We work hard to collect information across the Internet that can act as a “neighborhood watch” for our customers. Because we believe our work is critically important, we look for people that are equally as passionate about what they do and how they do it.

Everyone these days talks about how they’re going to “change the world” but truthfully this just seems like something companies say. We like many, offer a number of benefits while working at Risk I/O. Make no mistake that these are important and ultimately help define the culture… but you have to believe what you’re building makes a difference as everything else can easily be replaced by the next recruiter to hit you up on LinkedIn or Twitter.

We are a data-driven company in everything that we do. Whether it’s solving complex security issues for our customers, prioritizing a product roadmap or just figuring out when’s the best time to hold a stand-up, we use data to help make informed decisions. We won’t hesitate to kill a feature that isn’t proven to be valuable by our customers.

Because we believe that what everyone is working on is valuable, you won’t find yourself toiling away on an internal project that never sees the light of day. If you’re engineer we guarantee your code will see its way into production, often in your very first week. We value feedback and openness. Contributing back via charity and open source is important to us and our team as is evident with projects like slackrbouncer and others.

As a culture, we love working with smart people but humility is equally important. The “no rockstars” rule is an important one. We work very closely together but can also be geographically distributed. We have offices in Chicago and San Francisco but we also have a guy who lives in an Airstream. As important as our work is to us, we try to make it fun. Whether it’s hardware hacking on our newest kegbotbringing your dogalong to work or just going out with co-workers after work, we believe these are all important parts of “the job”.

Other perks that help include unlimited paid time off, medical, dental and vision coverage, 401K (coming soon), free unlimited bike sharing service in Chicago and SF, oh and did I mention that kegbot is making it’s way to the office?

I wrote this post with an interest in finding like minded people to help our cause. If this is you… we’re hiring. Our current needs include engineers, designers and sales but we’re always on the look out for great talent. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you join us.

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