Risk I/O Now Integrates With OpenVAS

Last week we quietly launched our 26th and latest connector. With our latest integration our customers can load their OpenVAS results directly into Risk I/O for threat processing and prioritization.

To take advantage of the OpenVAS integration, navigate to the Connectors tab and click New Connector. From there select the OpenVAS connector, name it and save it. You can then click the Run button on your OpenVAS connector. This will prompt you to upload your XML output that you generated from your OpenVAS scanner. Select the location of the XML file or simply drag and drop it into your browser.

Remember that this connector allows Risk I/O to consume scanner output directly from OpenVAS along with a number of tools that use OpenVAS under the hood.

If you’re not currently a Risk I/O customer you can sign up for a free 30-day trial and give our OpenVAS integration a whirl.