Risk I/O Threat Processing – Now With Zero-Day Vulnerability Data

Nov 4, 2014
Andrea Bailiff-Gush

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Today we are announcing the addition of zero-day vulnerability data from Verisign iDefense to our platform. With this addition, our vulnerability threat management platform now offers smarter prioritization based on unpublished vulnerability data, providing an early warning of exploits and vulnerabilities in your environment for which a fix is not currently available.

Using our threat processing engine, Risk I/O continuously correlates vulnerability scan results with live attack data, exploit data, and now zero-day vulnerability data. The result is a complete list of suggested vulnerabilities to mitigate. We think the addition of zero-day vulnerability data will save your organization time by allowing you to take action ahead of waiting for a fix to become available.

To start prioritizing zero-day mitigation, navigate to the Home tab in your instance of Risk I/O and simply select the zero-day vulnerabilities facet. Right away, you’ll notice that the vulnerability table will update to filter by those assets containing zero-day vulnerabilities.

Once the list is generated, you can use the sliders on the right to filter your list down even more for remediation based on score, severity, threat and priority of the zero-day vulnerabilities tied to your assets. The Asset Filters allow you to filter your asset list by tags that you created, giving you additional information on which vulnerabilities are most important to address first and how this affects your organization.

Short on time but want to apply the same edit to multiple assets? Use our enhanced bulk editing to apply tagging and other actions to multiple assets at a single time.

Give this new feature a spin by heading into your Risk I/O instance to find out if any zero-day vulnerabilities are affecting assets in your on your network. We think you’ll appreciate the enhanced security that comes with this automatic alerting. If you don’t already have a Risk I/O account, you can create one for free.

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