Risk I/O’s Vulnerability SmartSearch Is Now Even Smarter

Our SmartSearch feature has gotten, well, even smarter. You already know that with SmartSearch you can choose many fields from many criteria at once, enabling you to filter down to only the vulnerabilities or assets you need. Well now you can save the SmartSearch(es) you perform on your vulnerabilities and assets in Risk I/O for reference later.

Saving a vulnerability or asset search is easy. Simply perform a text search, change a numeric slider or select a facet, and a “Save” button will appear at the top of the Filters sidebar. Click that button, and a [NAME] text input will appear above. The name will auto-populate from your text search, if there is one, otherwise you can provide your own, then hit “Save”. Note that searches are saved per-user, so your colleagues can create their own searches as needed.

Saved SmartSearch

Performing a text search, changing a numeric slider or selecting a facet on the Vulnerability Table or Asset Table can now be saved for future reference.

When you want to reference the search later, just select one of the searches located within the “Saved Search” section. Searches cannot be updated once saved; but if you make modifications to a saved search, you can simply save your search with a new name.

Searches can also be deleted. Simply hover over the search name and select the trash can icon, and your saved search will be deleted.

Interested in taking this feature for a spin? Simply visit the Vulnerabilities or Assets tab and start filtering your data. Not yet a Risk I/O user? Visit our website to signup for a 30-day trial of our Pro plan.