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Say Hello to Kenna

Aug 4, 2015
Karim Toubba
Chief Executive Officer

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Our company has officially changed its name from Risk I/O to Kenna.

Why the change?

The name “Kenna” is a play on the Middle English verb “to ken,” or “to know.” And that’s what we strive to give our customers—the ability to know what to prioritize and remediate, as well as a way to understand their full risk landscape. Kenna stands for knowledge (not ignorance) and confidence (not fear).

I have been fortunate to work in security for over 15 years, and all too often we have preyed on fear as a way of approaching potential customers. Security web sites are all “Breach” this and “hacker” that. They’re littered with icons of sniper-scope rifles, all in shades of red and black.

We as an industry need to be more aspirational. While no one can guarantee that a breach will never happen, Kenna makes life easier for the overwhelmed teams in charge of understanding risk and remediating critical vulnerabilities.

* If you’re a director or executive in charge of a vulnerability management team, you have critical visibility into your organization’s risk trend over time – with confidence. This enables you to know for sure that your team is remediating the right vulns, and you can measure the impact of their work over time (and report on it).

Dashboard Reporting

* If you’re a Security Manager actually doing the work of remediating those vulns, you no longer have the gut-wrenching, soul-killing job of crawling through your vulnerability scanner data to figure out what to fix. Because we correlate real-time threat intelligence, YOUR scanning data, and zero day data in minutes, you suddenly have the ability to filter on Active Internet Breaches, Easily Exploitable vulns, Popular Targets, and more—enabling you to quickly zero in on what to prioritize in your remediation efforts.

VIP Facets

These are benefits that give our customers strength, confidence, and—most importantly—knowledge. That’s what will help protect companies from the rising escalation of both APTs and automated attacks: awareness, insight, and the confidence to take the right actions at the right time.

We have even bigger plans for the platform, including using our real-time threat context to evaluate many more points of data well beyond vulnerabilities, threat data, and zero day. But even at the vulnerability level, we’re told that what we do is like adding headcount without budget – a direct quote from one of our customers.

Knowledge is power, and at Kenna we live to give our customers knowledge.

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