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Apr 9, 2013
Andrea Bailiff-Gush

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As you may recall reading, our development team has been busy over the last few weeks rolling out new features that will make it even easier to manage and monitor your vulnerabilities.We want to invite you to join us on Wednesday, April 17th at 2:00PM ET for a webinar given by Risk I/O CEO, Ed Bellis. Ed will provide an overview of these new features and functionality in Risk I/O, including:

1. Patch Reporting
You can access our new patch reports to get a quick view of unpatched systems grouped together by patch and sorted in order of total risk score

Using a quick search-and-select, you can now create tickets for hundreds of vulnerabilities and assets in a matter of seconds using our new bulk creation of tickets feature.

You can now filter dashboard metrics using the custom tags you’ve created right in Risk I/O. This empowers you to perform comparisons across your entire business and technology stack.

You can register for the Risk I/O webinar now. You’ll receive a free security t-shirt for attending (see below).
Not a Risk I/O user but would like to give our vulnerability intelligence platform a spin? You can signup for free!

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