A Simplified Interface, Perimeter Scanning & A Free Risk Profile (Oh My!)

Mar 11, 2014
Andrea Bailiff-Gush

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The Risk I/O Team is excited to announce the latest release of our vulnerability threat management platform. In this release, we’ve updated the user interface, and made vulnerability scanning available for perimeters too. You can also now create a free risk profile on any technology.

The latest release of our platform includes:

Simplified User Interface – As you may have noticed, we recently announced our new and completely streamlined interface. In this updated interface, you now have all of your assets, vulnerabilities and patches in a single searchable and filterable view. This makes it dead simple to identify the issues that are most likely to be the cause of a breach and how to quickly address them. Each patch is listed in a “bang for your buck” order based on risk reduction.

Bundled Perimeter Scan – Need to understand your likelihood of a breach in your perimeter, but lack a vulnerability scanner? Risk I/O now bundles a perimeter scan with the service, allowing you to understand your vulnerability and threat risks in real-time. Vulnerability data from the perimeter scan is also synced with Risk I/O’s threat processing engine. Powered by Qualys, the perimeter scan can be up-and-running within minutes, so you can start gaining visibility immediately.

Free Technology Risk Profile – Leveraging scoring technology from our Risk Meter and threat processing, we now offer a free risk profile on any technology. Simply search for a technology and find out the risk  score and its known vulnerabilities. This is available in our recently updated RiskDB, a free, centralized, and open repository of security vulnerabilities sourced from vulnerability databases. We’ll be continuing to expand RiskDB in order to offer even more insight, so check back often!

Take the new-and-improved Risk I/O for a spin today to better understand your security risk and prioritize what’s important. We think you’ll appreciate the time it saves your vulnerability assessment and remediation. If you don’t already have a Risk I/O account, you can create one for free.

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