Talking Big Data & Cyber Risk Intelligence at Cybertech Tel Aviv 2018

Jan 30, 2018
Sam Osborn

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2017 was the year that cybersecurity became front page news. High profile attacks such as NotPetya and WannaCry served as blaring wake up calls, heralding a new wave of cyber threats with ever more devastating consequences for the businesses affected. These attacks are, unfortunately, part of a trend rather than isolated instances. Breaches are becoming increasingly pervasive, with Gemalto’s Breach Level Index for the first half of 2017 revealing that a total of 918 data breaches resulted in the compromise of 1.9 billion data records worldwide. This translates to an staggering increase of lost, stolen or compromised records, up 164% compared to the second half of 2016.

In short, attackers are evolving and becoming more effective. As an industry we have to evolve our approach to security to meet this threat, and to that end Kenna Security’s CEO Karim Toubba will be moderating a panel discussion on Big Data and Intelligence at Cybertech Tel Aviv 2018 on January 30 from 3:20 – 4:00 PM. The panel will discuss recent news stories, lessons learned, and innovations being applied involving the use of Big Data and Intelligence in predicting and preventing cyber risk and operationalizing threat intelligence.

In addition to Karim, other members of the panel will include:

Mr. Nir Chinsky, Head Of Google Cloud MEA & CEE, Google​

Mr. Dewand Neely, Chief Information Officer, State of Indiana

Mr. Ariel Levanon, VP Cyber & Intelligence, Mer Group

Mr. Alon Kantor, VP Business Development, Check Point

Mr. Omri Timianker, President, Cobwebs technologies

Mr. Eliahu Amar, Chief Defense Technology Officer, National Cyber Security Directorate

For those able to attend, this panel will be a unique opportunity to hear some of the top minds of our industry discuss innovative strategies and solutions for meeting a new generation of global cyber threat challenges. Cybertech is one of the largest exhibitions of cyber technologies outside of the United States, bringing together leading multi-national corporates, SMB’s, start-ups, private and corporate investors, venture capital firms, experts, and clients.

We look forward to seeing you in Tel Aviv!

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