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Now More Than Ever, the Future Is Everything

Dec 17, 2020
Karim Toubba
Chief Executive Officer

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How would you sum up 2020? Challenging? Dismaying? Derailing? All would likely apply. 

But trying times tend to pull people together, and we are seeing this daily with our customers, partners and employees. And with the news about the efficacy and imminent availability of several COVID-19 vaccines, there is hope on the horizon that 2021 will be much, much better.  

So, at the end of this most challenging of years I want to take a moment to reflect on the year that was, celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the adventure that is Kenna Security, express my gratitude for those who’ve been instrumental in helping us get through this, and tee us off into an even brighter future. 

From chaos comes innovation

Our anniversary arrives at a remarkable moment. It comes as a global pandemic has prompted employers to mobilize the largest remote workforce in human history—which in turn has made businesses an even more tempting target of hackers than before. And it marks the waning moments of the toughest year many people, communities and businesses have ever known. 

It was 10 years ago this month that Ed Bellis and Jeff Heuer founded the company that would change fundamentally how enterprises protect themselves from cyber threats. Today, as this decade comes to a close, we’re celebrating this milestone by recognizing how Kenna Security pioneered risk-based vulnerability management (RBVM), which has since become the industry standard and the future of VM. At a time like this, it’s important to recognize our achievements and the expertise of our team, and the unique insights their work provides. Finally, we’re meeting this moment by focusing on something even more important: the future we’re all building together.  

Communicating through change

It is against this historic backdrop that I am proud to acknowledge the hard work and sacrifice of the Kenna Security team these past many months. Not only has our workforce risen to every challenge the marketplace has thrown at us, but amid this chaos we’ve also managed to: launch a new product in Kenna.VI; power the RBVM capabilities of VMware Carbon Black Cloud WorkloadTM; and leverage our data science to publish new research and strategic findings for vulnerability management. We even launched a weekly podcast

So how do you support your broader team to do their best work in such turbulent times? You do it through transparency, communication, flexibility and empathy. We’re constantly communicating with our team, keeping them updated on what’s happening with the business. And our HR team has driven efforts to expand our well-being support offerings, including adding scheduled days off for employees beyond traditional calendar holidays.

I am particularly grateful, too, for the continued support of our customers and business partners. It of course has not been an easy year for any of you. Each industry we serve, from financial services and healthcare to manufacturing and tech, has faced its own unique challenges. Yet your Security and IT leaders have counted on Kenna Security’s customer support, customer success and customer engineering teams to help you navigate these uncertain waters. We greatly value the fact that every day, you continue to put your trust in us.

An even brighter future

These difficult times are inspiring all of us to come together. I see this daily with our customers, partners and employees. Their commitment to our success makes it all the easier for me to look forward to our next decade. 

Our plans for 2021 and beyond are focused on further defining the future with modern vulnerability management—the natural next step in developing a mature, efficient and cost-saving approach to reducing risk across infrastructure and applications in the modern enterprise. You can look for further advances with all of our solutions as we drive that vision forward.

For now, however, it’s enough to offer to every customer, partner and employee our sincere thanks for the past 10 years—along with our best wishes for a 2021 that is healthy, safe and prosperous for you and everyone you care about.

Stay well.

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