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Don’t Take it From Us: 6 Ways Kenna Transforms Vulnerability Management for Our Customers

Nov 28, 2018
Courtney Struthers

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At Kenna Security, our customers have been a driving force behind the evolution of the platform since the beginning. We love to hear from the people who use the platform every day, and we want to share with you what they have to say. That’s why we recently worked with TechValidate to survey 500 Kenna users across 15 industries to find out how they approached vulnerability management before using our platform, what challenges led them to implement Kenna, how they use the platform, and how it has impacted their organization.

We pored over the responses and stats, with the goal of understanding what aspects of the platform provide the most value, and ended up with six key areas (Spoilers: Pretty much everyone has too many vulnerabilities, and no one seemed sad to leave spreadsheets behind.)

Last but certainly not least—thank you to all of our customers who took the survey. We greatly appreciate you taking the time to give us this valuable feedback (And yes, more connectors are coming!)

So here they are: the top six ways the Kenna Security platforms helps our customers, including quotes showcasing their responses—in their own words.

#1 Prioritize the vulnerabilities that matter most

It’s pretty well acknowledged at this point that organizations have more vulnerabilities than they can handle. And the typical strategies for prioritizing those vulnerabilities are only about as effective as random chance. No surprise then that the #1 security challenge, selected by 85% of survey respondents, was “too many vulnerabilities with no way to effectively prioritize.” Kenna Security tackles that challenge by combining real-time threat intelligence and data science to help our customers focus on fixing the 0.5 % of vulnerabilities that matter most to reducing risk. Here’s what our customers say about Kenna’s ability to prioritize:

#2 Add risk context to scanner data

Vulnerability scanners are great for what they were intended to do, but they produce large amounts of threat data that then needs to be analyzed. Our platform takes scanner data—with connectors to over 20 leading vulnerability data scan sources from multiple vendors—and transforms that data into actionable intelligence. 71% of survey respondents indicated that prior to Kenna, they experienced a “high volume of security data lacking context for decision making.” This is what they had to say about implementing the Kenna Security Platform in their security stack to add context to scanner data:

#3 Quantify and report on risk

62% of survey respondents indicated that “no quantifiable way to measure, reduce, and report on risk” was a security challenge they faced before Kenna Security. Our platform provides a risk score that showcases, in a clear, easy-to-understand metric, the risk across the organization or across asset groups—one score that can clearly and easily be used across all levels of the organization. Here’s what our customers think about using Kenna to quantify and report on risk:

#4 Ditch the spreadsheets and scan reports

62% of survey respondents used spreadsheets to manage vulnerabilities before moving to our platform, and 47% used other vulnerability management tools. That’s right. Spreadsheets. Often miles and miles of spreadsheets. Our web-based platform eliminates the need for spreadsheets or scan reports. Here’s what our customers had to say about the move from spreadsheets to Kenna Security:

#5 Increase efficiency by bridging the gap between security and IT teams

47% of respondents indicated that “inefficiencies in vulnerability remediation” was a challenge, and several reported internal collaboration issues, specifically between security and IT teams. With clear recommendations on which vulnerabilities to remediate first, closed loop remediation tracking, and a single platform that can be used across your entire organization, Kenna Security helps your teams get on the same page to efficiently manage risk. 

#6 Get off the “vulnerability management treadmill”

Some of our customers provided a broader perspective on how the Kenna platform is changing the way organizations look at vulnerability management and risk. One of our customers recently used the phrase “vulnerability management treadmill”—referring to the endless mountain of vulnerabilities they were attempting to prioritize and remediate before Kenna, to little effect—and we heard this again in the survey responses. We thought this survey response summed it up perfectly:

92% of our customers would recommend Kenna to a colleague. Want to learn more? Check out How it Works and our research on TechValidate.

Source: 2018 TechValidate Research Survey on Kenna Security

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