[Video] Turning Data Science Into Security Decisions

Jul 11, 2019
Kenna Security

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At Kenna Security, we vehemently believe that when it comes to vulnerability management, data is the most important resource on the planet. And we’re not alone.  

When harnessed, harvested and analyzed correctly, you can extract immeasurable value and insight from your own vulnerability data. It’s made even more potent when combined with a curated mix of external threat intel and vuln data to provide context, reinforce patterns and insights, and define next steps. The core of what we do and what we build for clients is anchored in the value of turning data science and machine learning into strategic security decisions. We empower clients to lower their risk by enabling them to take informed, decisive action to remediate the vulnerabilities that pose the greatest risk to their business.

Guesswork has no place in risk remediation

Too many companies still rely on periodic scans and CVSS scoring methods that bubble up thousands of “high priority” threats. Given that only 2-5% of an organization’s vulnerabilities are likely to be exploited, the simple scoring methods deliver so many vulns that frankly isn’t feasible for remediation teams to fix them all. Worse, they also end up putting limited resources behind remediating vulnerabilities that, while they may be generating headlines and panicking executives, don’t actually pose a risk to their unique environment. To really move the needle and lower the risk profile, teams need to prioritize and target the vulnerabilities that pose the biggest risk. 

What do I work on today? That’s the only question that matters. 

Teams can free up time and resources by rallying around risk. Kenna Security pulls in all the necessary threat intel and vulnerability data (everything from infrastructure vulns, web applications, bug bounty data, pen testing data, discovery scans from CMDBs, and more) so teams can assess their entire environment (and the vulnerabilities and attendant risks within it) as conditions evolve in near real time. 

Kenna Security provides a data-backed single source of truth shaped by supervised machine learning and predictive modeling that takes into account not only observed internal vulns, but also the organization’s acceptable level of risk and third-party threat intelligence to provide an additional layer of context. Kenna gives Security, IT and AppSec teams a prescriptive plan of action, ensuring that everyone is aligned around reducing risk.

See what modern vulnerability management looks like in real life.

Want to see it in action? Schedule a demo for you and your team and discover how Kenna can help you make the most efficient use of your limited resources.

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