[Video] Using Data Science to Simplify Cybersecurity

Jun 5, 2019
Kenna Security

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Every day, it seems the world is becoming more security-centric. What once were viewed as next-level cybersecurity ninja arts—risk-based vulnerability management, for example—today have become the starting point for a truly modern vulnerability management program. CISOs, once a relative rarity, are popping up everywhere. And day-to-day digital interactions come with multi-step authorizations and cross-channel alerts. 

What forces are driving this move to stay ahead of threats and to do a better job locking down infrastructures, networks and applications? A lot of it is data science, which is not only making sophisticated cybersecurity possible; it’s also simplifying it.

Follow the data

For organizations looking to harness the power of data science to secure their environment and lower their cyber risk, complete data visibility is key. With a vendor-agnostic, integration-first approach, Kenna Security ingests all different types of data within any given environment to provide a comprehensive view of what’s really happening within an organization. This empowers teams to unearth the most vital vulnerabilities and better target their remediation resources.

Making the complex simple

Data science is baked into everything we do. Flexible, supervised machine learning systems keep up with attackers, cut down on distracting vulnerability noise, and empower teams with the insight and context they need to make better decisions faster. 

All teams benefit—not just Security

Knowing that the majority of Kenna Security users are not actually Security team members, our risk-based vulnerability management platform is designed to be friendly and engaging to all (including developers, IT, DevOps, etc.). Anyone who logs in on a daily basis to remediate and manage risk can easily navigate and make data-driven insights. 

In fact, teams have started to gamify risk management with Kenna Security. Each week at many customer sites, teams managing their different risk meters will go head-to-head and try to win with the lowest risk score. By the end of the week, the winning team earns a prize.

It really can be easy

Watch the video for more expert insight into simplifying cybersecurity. Want to see more? Schedule a demo for you and your team and see firsthand just how easy—and even fun—data science and cybersecurity can really be.

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