Vulnerability Reporting for the Masses

Don’t just rely on vulnerability counts to understand your exposure to threats and exploits—visualize your trending risk in real-time with trending reports. Our new trend reports are the best place to understand your true level of risk. Find out what your historical score has been, where you are currently, and where you are trending. And see the impact of your remediations, all at-a-glance.

dashboard reporting


Dashboard reports are available for each asset group that you create. Once in the report, you’ll notice that everything is predefined, meaning no manual report building is required.

The report details the most critical information around your exposure to risk. See a snapshot of vulnerability and risk rating trends, along with summary data for each vulnerability category. Use this critical information to understand your real-time exposure to specific threat types and identify areas for improving your remediation. And the risk meter metrics offer insight into your remediation progress over time and your overall true risk of a breach.



The timeline allows you to focus your attention on actual risk, not counts. Use the highs and lows to track your progress over time and collaborate on improvements with you remediation team.



The dashboard report offers information on your progress protecting your company, but it’s more valuable if you can share this information. Reports can be easily exported as a PDF and shared within your team and management to report on your progress.

export report


So after you’ve synced, prioritized and patched your vulnerabilities in Kenna, take a look at your trending reports. We think this report will help you drive remediation and outline your overall progress to your team.