Vulnerability Threat Management 2.0

Feb 20, 2014
Jeff Heuer
Chief of Design, Co-founder

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When it comes to managing your IT environment, there is often just too much to look at. As our Data Scientist Michael Roytman mentioned in his recent research paper, the biggest challenge isn’t finding security defects, but rather managing the mountain of data produced by security tools in order to fix what’s most important first. Well our latest version of Risk I/O does just that, making the fixing of vulnerabilities much more efficient.

Risk I/O now offers a complete threat analysis showing the most likely entry points with a prioritized remediation list to quickly get to a lower risk of a breach. We indicate which of your assets are most at risk, so you know exactly where to start, saving you time and helping reduce your risk exposure. And all of this information is available to access and manage in one place.

With this latest release of Risk I/O you can now:

1. See associated assets, vulnerabilities, and a Quick List with your most critical remediations, all in a single click.

2. View real-time asset, vulnerability and patch data determined by your filter and search criteria.

3. Create groups based on asset or vulnerability filters and search criteria.

4. Bulk edit your vulnerabilities and assets.

5. Set priority to the most critical vulnerabilities so your team can take action.

6. Manage remediation directly within Risk I/O or through our integration with Jira.

7. Summarize any view of assets and vulnerabilities with a Risk Meter score and dashboard.

If you’re a Risk I/O user, you can now take the new version for a spin in your Risk I/O instance. Not a Risk I/O user? You can signup for a 30-day trial of our complete vulnerability threat management platform now.

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