Here’s what’s on our radar for RSA Conference 2022

Jun 2, 2022
Kenna Security

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RSA 2022 is right around the corner and we’re gearing up for a truly memorable event. Not only will this conference be live and in person, but for many of us, this event may herald a return to the kind of business life we knew two years ago before the global pandemic shaped our collective reality. The thousands of IT and Security professionals descending on San Francisco are ready to mix and mingle, learn from the best in the biz, and get a sense of where the industry is headed.  

While virtual events have held us (and proved to be immensely valuable), we too are ready to be back in action. The last year ushered in significant change, including an industry-defining acquisition. When Cisco made the pivotal move to acquire Kenna Security, we knew this was just the beginning of a security revolution; one that aims to simplify, democratize, and automate security to withstand the unknown threats and changes of the future. 

So while we’re definitely excited to see everyone, eat more snacks than we can handle, and shamelessly hoard that sweet sweet conference swag, we’ve also got some key priorities on our radar. Here’s a quick list of topics and must-sees at RSA Conference 2022. 

Top themes for RSA 2022 

Security resilience. The last two years have proven cybersecurity threats can reach crippling heights. Security leaders everywhere are looking for ways to fortify their environments and establish a foundation of security resilience to navigate any future threat with confidence. Recognizing security resilience as the key to lowering business risk and ensuring longevity, Cisco is building on its technology bedrock, creating a unified infrastructure to secure and simplify customer environments focusing on these critical capabilities. 

  • Closing the gaps to remove siloed systems.  
  • Seeing more data sources and systems for a comprehensive, environmental view 
  • Anticipating what’s next with risk-based threat assessments and machine learning-driven analysis. 
  • Prioritizing what matters most by identifying the vulns that pose the greatest risk. 
  • Automating response to take swift, decisive action and easily bounce back.  

The future of vulnerability management. Emerging vulnerability management technologies and trends maintain a strong focus on risk-based prioritization. But “risk-based” has become a buzzword vendors toss around without strong data science to back it. But it’s the data and intelligence defining the prioritization that is paramount to successfully lower and manage risk.  

That’s why we’re looking forward to hearing what Jerry Gamblin has to say on the matter. This security research guru will touch on how Cisco and Kenna Security are working to fulfill a shared vision of holistic, smarter vulnerability management. Gamblin will also touch on the ways in which vulnerability management will continue to evolve.  

See Jerry Gamblin on Thursday, June 9th at 10:30 am for Understanding the Future of Vulnerability Management. Add it to your schedule.  

A focus on people. The in-person factor aside, this year’s conference has people-centric topics running throughout. Various keynotes and sessions talk about the impact of sharing intelligence, talent shortages, helping vulnerable populations, and nurturing burnt-out professionals. 

Scroll through the keynote speakers for a deeper look at the timely and critical talks both public and security influencers are having. A few that caught our attention: 

Check out all conference speakers who fall under the “human element” category for more opportunities to fill your schedule.  

Before you go …  

We know you’re eager to pack your bags and hit the road, but before you head out the door, explore these new resources to get you in the security education mindset: 

Once you’re settled, please swing by and say hello (booth #6362) so we can talk shop, admire the coolest booth to ever grace a conference expo hall, and explore how risk-based prioritization might help build your security resilience. 

Lastly, we’re going to step into the role of your conference mom and dad for a minute and remind you to drink plenty of water, wear sensible shoes, bring a phone charger, and don’t forget to pack a sweater. It’s the sensible shoes that are the real bummer, right? We know. But you’ll thank us later.  

See you in San Fran! 

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