With New Features, Kenna Security Continues to Raise the Bar

Nov 14, 2018
Jeff Aboud

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Successful vulnerability management takes more than just a technical understanding of cybersecurity. It requires that security professionals consider what they’re seeing in their environment in context—in light of the broader context of the outside world. By developing a keen understanding of everything around them, security professionals are able to make better, faster, more accurate decisions to make the greatest impact on their organization’s risk posture.

The overarching concept is simple; the more context security teams have regarding their vulnerabilities, the more capable they’ll be of making informed decisions about what to do with those vulnerabilities. Kenna Security helps security teams supplement their scanner data with full context provided by more than 55 sources so that they can quickly understand and effectively manage their cyber risk across the organization.

New features: Introducing peer benchmarking

Today Kenna Security announced the next step in helping customers rapidly assess their security posture and prioritize remediation of the greatest risks. By introducing the industry’s first peer benchmarking for vulnerability management, Kenna enables customers to see how their risk score compares with the scores of their industry peers. For the first time, security teams will be able to see their current and recent historical risk score, as well as the average current and recent historical risk scores of their industry peers.

Peer benchmarking delivers two major benefits for security teams:

  1. By understanding how the organization’s specific risk score relates to the average score of organizations in the same industry, security teams can make more informed decisions about their security programs to ensure that they are keeping pace.
  2. Since organizations will strive to improve their risk score to meet or beat the average, the average will naturally continue to improve—thereby helping to improve the security posture of the entire industry.


Enhanced application scoring

In addition to the new peer benchmarking capability, today’s announcement also includes enhanced scoring for application vulnerabilities. The enhanced scoring mechanism delivers superior accuracy and precision for application security teams, enabling them to accurately assess their application risk posture throughout the development lifecycle and stop wasting precious resources on duplicate bugs.

With the launch of the Application Risk Module earlier this year, Kenna Security already delivers the first and only vulnerability risk management platform that enables security teams to quickly understand and effectively manage their cyber risk across the organization—full stack. These application security scoring enhancements simply make the application risk module even more valuable by delivering a more precise, reliable metric that takes the complexities, interdependencies, and dynamic nature of an application development environment into account. As a result, application security teams will be even more capable of accurately measuring the risk associated with their application vulnerabilities.

Expanded data sources

Employing machine learning and deep data science, the Kenna Security Platform already ingests, aggregates, and processes tens of billions of pieces of data, from more than 55 sources, and then automates the analysis of this data using our proven data science algorithm to deliver an accurate, quantifiable risk score for every vulnerability within seconds.

Today’s release further expands this data agnostic approach by introducing the Kenna Data Importer, a generic JSON connector that enables easy normalization of non-standard data and provides a new way for customers to import custom data sources into the platform. Though it can be used across the platform to ingest any type of data, it will be particularly valuable to application security teams. This delivers near-universal compatibility with security data sources to provide enhanced context, risk-scoring, and prioritization.

Updated home view


The vulnerability management platform will also have a new homepage view to make it easier for security teams to rapidly assess their risk posture, including their current and historical status, as well as the ability to investigate what’s driving their score. An at-a-glance view of key risk drivers helps security teams respond quickly and efficiently to important changes in the organization’s risk posture. The new view also integrates useful information on current attacks, with information on the percentage of assets affected and a link to top fixes.

For more information about this release, see our press release. If you’re ready to give the platform a try, request a demo today!

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