An ongoing collection of our security tool integrations. Use your vulnerability scan results in tandem with our real-time exploit intelligence in order to improve your security posture.

Vulnerability Management

Kenna Integrates with Qualys Web Application Scanning Results

Qualys VM

Qualys VM automates the lifecycle of network auditing and vulnerability management across the enterprise, including network discovery and mapping, asset prioritization, vulnerability assessment reporting and remediation tracking.

Kenna Integrates with Tenable Nessus Network Scanning Results

Tenable Nessus

Tenable Nessus is a network and host security scanner for various flavors of operating systems and out-of-the-box software. It performs over 900 remote security checks, and suggests solutions for security problems.

Kenna Integrates with Rapid7 Nexpose Network Scanning Results

Rapid7 Nexpose

Rapid7 Nexpose identifies vulnerabilities across networks, operating systems, databases, web applications and a wide-ranges of system platforms through an integrated, intelligent scan engine.

Kenna Integrates with Tripwire IP360 Network Scanning Results


Tripwire comprehensively profiles all networked devices and includes coverage for over 40,000 conditions (including operating systems, applications, vulnerabilities, and configurations).

Kenna Integrates with BeyondTrust Network Scanning Results


BeyondTrust Retina Network Security Scanner identifies known and zero-day vulnerabilities to protect an organization’s valuable assets. The Retina Scanner provides security risk assessment, as well as enables security best practices, policy enforcement and regulatory audits.

Kenna Integrates with McAfee Network Scanning Results

McAfee Vulnerability Manager

McAfee Vulnerability Manager performs authenticated and unauthenticated checks, automatically updated 24/7 by McAfee Labs.

Kenna Integrates with Metasploit Vulnerability Scanning Results


Metasploit software helps security and IT professionals identify security issues, verify vulnerability mitigations, and manage expert-driven security assessments.

Kenna Integrates with OpenVAS Network Scanning Results


OpenVAS is a framework of several services and tools offering a comprehensive and powerful vulnerability scanning and vulnerability management solution.

Kenna Integrates with Beyond Security Network Scanning Results

Beyond Security

Beyond Security accurately assesses and manages security weaknesses in networks, web applications, industrial systems and networked software, and can augment pentest results.

Application Security

Kenna Integrates with Qualys Web Application Scanning Results

Qualys WAS

Qualys WAS automates the lifecycle of network auditing and vulnerability management across the enterprise, including network discovery and mapping, asset prioritization, vulnerability assessment reporting and remediation tracking.

Kenna Integrates with Checkmarx


Checkmarx enables organizations to secure applications from the start, reducing risk and cost along the way.

Kenna Integrates with Burp Suite Web Application Scanning Results

Portswigger Burp

Portswigger Burp web scanner is a state-of-the-art vulnerability scanner for web applications. It is designed with security testers in mind, to integrate closely with your existing techniques and methodologies for manual and automated pentesting.

Kenna Integrates with HP Fortify Web Application Scanning Results

HP Fortify

HP Fortify accurately tests the security of any third-party or internal applications across 16 different programming languages and detects more than 100 different types of security vulnerabilities.

Kenna Integrates with IBM AppScan Web Application Scanning Results

IBM AppScan

IBM AppScan automates application security testing by scanning applications, identifying vulnerabilities and generating reports with intelligent fix recommendations to ease remediation. It can align with best practice pentesting as well.

Kenna Integrates with NTOSpider Web Application Scanning Results

Rapid7 Appspider

Rapid7 Appspider is a dynamic application security testing (DAST) solution that is capable of testing mobile and web applications that leverage technologies like REST, AJAX, JSON and GWT.

Kenna Integrates with Veracode Web Application Scanning Results


Veracode provides automated static and dynamic application security testing software and remediation services. This connector works with the Veracode API to pull in report data.

Kenna Integrates with w3af Web Application Scanning Results


w3af is an open-source web application attack and audit framework with the stated goal of becoming the best open-source web application scanner.

Kenna Integrates with WhiteHat Sentinel Web Application Scanning Results

WhiteHat Sentinel

WhiteHat Sentinel is a web-based subscription service that combines advanced proprietary scanning technology with expert analysis, allowing customers to identify, prioritize, manage and remediate website vulnerabilities as they occur.

Kenna Integrates with Netsparker Web Application Scanning Results


Netsparker Web Application Security Scanner can find and report security issues and vulnerabilities such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS) in all web applications regardless of the platform and the technology they are built on.

Kenna Integrates with Trustwave Hailstorm Web Application Scanning Results

Trustwave Hailstorm

Trustwave Hailstorm provides software and SaaS products to protect websites against hacker attacks. Unlike network security and SSL solutions, Trustwave tests for security defects at the web application level, where 75% of attacks occur.


Kenna Integrates with ServiceNow

ServiceNow Ticketing

ServiceNow Ticketing is one of the most popular ticketing systems in the industry. Kenna ensures that it’s easy for tickets to be sent to the remediation teams directly through our platform.

Kenna Integrates with Atlasssian Jira Trouble Ticketing

Atlassian JIRA

Atlassian JIRA lets you prioritize, assign, track, report and audit your issues, whatever they may be: from software bugs and help-desk tickets to project tasks and change requests.

Kenna Integrates with BMC Remedy Ticketing

BMC Remedy

Remedy 9 is a powerful service management platform built natively for mobile with an intuitive, beautiful, people-centric user experience that makes everybody more productive.


Kenna Integrates with ServiceNow

ServiceNow CMDB

ServiceNow CMDB consolidates disparate IT management systems into a single system of record that enables you to see all of your IT assets and how they’re functioning at all times.


Kenna Integrates with Nmap Open-Source Scanning Results


Nmap is a free and open source utility for network exploration or security auditing. Upload XML reports from Nmap to our Connector page to provide a full picture of your assets in Kenna.

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