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Discover how Kenna Security solutions help enterprises cut costs, save time and keep their teams efficiently focused on reducing their biggest risks.

From Manual to Modern: Epicor’s Success with Kenna.VM

 With Kenna Security, a global software company deploys Modern Vulnerability Management and builds a culture around risk reduction 

The Economist Customer Story

“We now have the ability to easily highlight the remediation actions with the most bang for the buck to our operations teams.”

HNI Corporation Customer Story

“Minimized time to organize and analyze vulnerabilities and effective tracking for CVE fixes.”

How a Top D.C. Law Firm Built a More Efficient and Effective Vulnerability Management Model

The legal sector is increasingly becoming a high value target for cyberattacks, and many law firms are turning to Kenna to transform their vulnerability management to rapidly identify, prioritize and effectively remediate their most critical threats.

Avoid Cost Impacts: Global Mining Company

Mining and metals giant reduces exposure to financial or brand harm with risk-based vulnerability management enabled by Kenna.VM.

Verifone Customer Story

“It is very helpful to generate risk reports in a less time and we can remediate risks within a short period.”

The most bang for the buck to our operations teams

“We now have the ability to easily highlight the remediation actions with the most bang for the buck to our operations teams. We also have a feedback loop so they can see the risk scores changing every time they fix problems. This feedback loop wasn’t there before Kenna and so there was a “what’s the point?” feeling in operations about patching. Kenna has really helped us change that view.”
David Peach
Chief Information Security Officer
The Economist

Save Time: Genpact

Genpact was able to significantly reduce—or eliminate in some cases—time spent on reporting. Scanning penetration reports that previously took 6-8 hours are now generated in 30 minutes, a reduction of 90%. Several other reports that were previously required have now been replaced by the Kenna dashboard.


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