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of customers cut their time spent investigating vulnerabilities by more than half.*
*Source: 2019 TechValidate Survey
We now have the ability to easily highlight the remediation actions with the most bang for the buck to our operations teams. We also have a feedback loop so they can see the risk scores changing every time they fix problems. This feedback loop wasn’t there before Kenna and so there was a “what’s the point?” feeling in operations about patching. Kenna has really helped us change that view.
-David Peach, Chief Information Security Officer, The Economist

Save Time: Genpact

Genpact was able to significantly reduce—or eliminate in some cases—time spent on reporting. Scanning penetration reports that previously took 6-8 hours are now generated in 30 minutes, a reduction of 90%. Several other reports that were previously required have now been replaced by the Kenna dashboard.

Implementing Kenna.VM has resulted in Genpact being able to adopt a truly risk-based approach - significantly reducing our vulnerability exposure and overall risk in a sustainable manner.
Rohit Kohli, Genpact, Assistant Vice President, Information Security
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Avoid Cost Impacts: Global Mining Company

Mining and metals giant reduces exposure to financial or brand harm with risk-based vulnerability management enabled by Kenna.VM

Lowering our risk scores means we’ve reduced the potential exposure of the business for someone to compromise our operations or reputation. Since we’re a publicly traded company, we have to think about the impact that mine downtime or bad press has on stockholder confidence. Ultimately, lower risk puts us in a stronger position to build profitability and value as a company.
Global Manager-Security Governance and Communications
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See How Kenna is Helping Teams More Efficiently Reduce Risk

“Research Case Studies” by TechValidate

Kenna Security recently conducted a survey of 500 customers through third party TechValidate. Check out what some of them have to say here about how Kenna’s solution is enabling their organizations to reduce risk.

Media & Entertainment
The Economist

“We now have the ability to easily highlight the remediation actions with the most bang for the buck to our remediations teams.”

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National Health Systems/PDX Inc.

“Kenna has the ability to provide integration of threat intelligence with our detected vulnerabilities to allow us to prioritize effort in risk reduction.”

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Global 500 Pharmaceuticals Company

“Kenna has helped by providing a threat-driven approach and has enabled us to remediate with efficiency rather than coverage.”

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Medium Enterprise Healthcare Company

“We have stopped chasing our tail and have taken measurable steps to securing the environment.”

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Large Enterprise Telecommunications Company

“In terms of helping to assess vulnerabilities and target remediation there is no other tool like Kenna.”

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Energy & Utilities
Medium Enterprise Energy & Utilities Company

“ I would recommend Kenna for the value and different risk perspective it gives opposed to pure vuln scans.”

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Financial Services
Large Enterprise Financial Services Company

“I see tons of potential to actually make a dent in vulnerability management where it used to feel like a problem that would exist forever.”

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Global 500 Metals and Mining Company

“Kenna provides valuable information for prioritizing vulnerabilities.”

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Fortune 500 Telecommunications Company

“Kenna.VM has been able to quantify overall risk vs. vulnerabilities.”

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Global 500 Insurance Company

“Kenna.VM is helping to transform our organization and mature our various processes.”

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Medium Enterprise Banking Company

“Kenna allowed us to identify and remediate risk based on threat priority.”

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Large Enterprise Transportation Company

“Kenna allows us to easily segregate the necessary assets into groups relevant to these teams and focus on their areas and specific priorities.”

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Check out what our customers have to say on review site Gartner Peer Insights:

VP of Information Security, Finance Industry, $1B-$3B

“The on boarding, training, and set up was a breeze. We were easily able to connect with Veracode to start getting application data, and the setup to get Nexpose connected was a breeze once we got our support staff on the phone to walk us through what was needed on our end. The dashboards and ease of reporting, along with automated workflows, has simply wowed out management. It’s my favorite vulnerability management tool.”

What one piece of advice would you give other prospective customers?

— “Buy it.”

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Prioritization to Prediction Report, Volume 5

Produced in conjunction with the Cyentia Institute, this fifth volume of our Prioritization to Prediction series explores and analyzes the vulnerability management landscape.

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Introducing Modern Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management is at a breaking point with Security teams facing a growing tidal wave of vulnerabilities and IT teams under pressure to fix them all

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ESG Lab Review – Kenna.VM

IT analyst firm ESG recently conducted hands-on testing and review how Kenna.VM enables organizations to work cross-functionally to prioritize and mitigate cyber risk.

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