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Kenna Helps SecureWorks Customers Identify Critical Risks with Vulnerability Threat Prioritization

SecureWorks customers can bring together their vulnerability scan data and correlate it with external Internet threat and exploit data through an integration with Kenna Vulnerability Threat Prioritization. As a result, organizations know exactly which vulnerabilities pose the greatest exposure to risk and which to prioritize for remediation. Kenna is offered as part of the Vulnerability Management Service (VMS), and is available through the MSS Customer Portal through Single Sign-On.

Kenna features available to SecureWorks customers include:

  • Single Sign-On allowing you to easily access Kenna through the Counter Threat Platform.
  • Multiple Scanner Technology Support through integration with Kenna including Qualys, Rapid7 and Nessus.
  • 24/7 Threat Processing of known Internet breaches and exploits against your network and application vulnerabilities by Kenna.
  • Vulnerability Threat Prioritization showing which threats apply to your assets, are the most severe and how quickly to seek remediation.
  • Risk Meters for popular technologies showing active Internet breaches and popular targets occurring against any technology.
  • Risk Meter Dashboard to show where you’re most susceptible to a breach.
  • Fixes and Patch Reports color-coded and prioritized by threat level.
  • Threat Volume and Velocity exposing the vulnerabilities that are being attacked and exploited successfully, and whether they are trending up or down.

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