Apex CISO Assembly

Apex Assembly will unite visionary leaders, entrepreneurs and industry security experts for a full day of content and networking, where we will examine the challenges of 2018 and concentrate on the most pressing issues of 2019 in the information technology security sector.

Topics to be covered include:

  • The changing cloud compliance, risk, and cloud management framework. How to address cloud adoption and real-world cloud security challenges
  • Utilizing security analytics that can help you detect compliance violations in real time while examining under behavior to speed up attack detection and response
  • Ways to better manage authentication, password policies and enforce protocols to ensure consistency across enterprise-wide, customer, social and third-party systems
  • What AI means for security teams and how can intelligent automation benefit your organization
  • Using data governance to provide enhancement and streamlined decision making to protect the interest of data stakeholders

Come hear from one our industry experts, Michael Roytman, Kenna’s Chief Data Scientist!

More detailed information here: https://apexassembly.com/cisoassemblymar2019

When: March 28th, 2019

Where: New York, NY

Join us at the Apex CISO Assembly for a day of content and networking with visionary leaders and security experts.