Future-Proofing Public Sector Security

To withstand increasingly unpredictable threats, public sector cybersecurity must evolve to the point where you can constantly identify and mitigate your biggest risks. For that, you need real-world intelligence.

What to do when "unprecedented" is the new norm

Around the world, emboldened threat actors are increasingly looking to take out critical state and federal infrastructure. This has sent public agency security leaders searching for more effective and efficient ways to manage the onslaught of risks.

While CISA's Directive 22-01 is a step in the right direction, their known exploit catalog will only get you so far. To properly protect your organization, you need more. Data-driven risk-based vulnerability management helps you focus your finite resources on the vulnerabilities posing the greatest risk to your organization, lowering risk in as few moves as possible.

If you ever needed intel-driven risk prioritization, it’s now.

95% of assets have one vulnerability, 55 new vulnerabilities a month, and teams are only remediating 15% of vulnerabilities a month

Evolve to a risk-based approach that’s tailored to your organization.

Catch threats CISA called out–and ones it missed

Enhanced, real-world threat and vuln intel—including CISA’s catalog—identifies potential threats in the wild and supports faster and more accurate decision-making.

Anticipate the next big threat

The most advanced VM providers can forecast the weaponization of new vulnerabilities with up to 94% accuracy.

Optimize finite resources

Knowing exactly which vulnerabilities need remediation resources (and which don’t) saves time, money, and effort.

Align teams and leadership around risk

With an intel-backed single source of truth, security and IT can move quickly and efficiently, eliminate patch debates, and then measure and communicate the effectiveness of their efforts.

Harness your security resilience

Navigate the next unprecedented event with confidence and emerge stronger.

Navigate the next unknown with confidence.
Start now.

Explore these resources designed to help you evolve your vulnerability management program and future-proof your security operations.

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Why Risk-Based Prioritization will Future-Proof Public Sector Security

Navigating the CISA Directive 22-01 and Beyond

Learn why risk prioritization to is the key component to an efficient and effective public sector vulnerability management program.


Why CISA's Directive 22–01 Is Only Half the Equation

CISA’s known exploit catalogue is a step in the right direction. But some missing key components could leave you vulnerable.


Fire and Police Pension Association now knows what to fix first

Learn how this team went from a blanket CVSS-based strategy to automatic, data-backed fix lists, all while cutting remediation time by 10%.

Learn How

Hampshire County Council reduced its risk posture score by 10%

When this team decided to go risk-based, they were able to increase efficiency and finally isolate the vulns that posed the greatest risk.


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