Kenna Defenders Community FAQ’s

Posted October 21, 2020

What is the Kenna Defender community?
The Kenna Defender community has been purpose built to connect customers directly with other Kenna customers, and here you can:
• Access onboarding and training resources
• Learn—and contribute to—best practices
• Provide product input and ideas, and vote on ideas from other customers
• Contribute to ground breaking research
• Participate in discussion forums to ask questions and learn from your peers and the Kenna team
• Connect with other Kenna customers
The community will be updated on a regular basis with new information and content. It is a “gamified” community (more below on that).

How can I access the Kenna Defender community?
You can access the community here

How do I join?
Please email us directly at

Can I use my Kenna platform login?
We are keeping the community login separate from your Kenna platform login at this time.

Is my information secure?
The community platform is not a repository for sensitive or privileged information. The only personal information the platform will store includes: name, email, community username, and shipping address (so we can ship your rewards to you). The platform also stores information you provide in the form of feedback or discussion posts. Please do not post any content or information that could affect the security posture of your organization in public challenges or discussion boards.

Passwords are encrypted and only the software vendor can reset passwords; Kenna Security does not have access to your password, our vendor- Influitive – will help reset your password directly with you if needed. We recommend you establish a strong password.
Here is more information on the security the software platform uses. If you would like to view the Influitive security policy please contact us at

Who can participate in the Kenna Defenders community?
The community has been established for Kenna customers; it is not open to the general public. Only unique email accounts tied to a specific customer can be used; no shared accounts like “” can be used.

What does “gamified community” mean?
The platform we are using for the community (Influitive) refers to opportunities to learn, participate, provide feedback as “challenges”. Each opportunity (a.k.a “challenge”) has an associated point value.
Points are awarded for things like taking training modules and providing product feedback (and yes, there is a leaderboard!). What can you get with the points you accrue? We’ve got exclusive Kenna Defenders swag and some fun stuff to help you roll out the platform in your organizations, like custom team stickers.

I want to chat with another Kenna customer- How do I do this?
Ways to reach out directly to a Kenna customer in the community:
• When you see a profile name you want to connect with, you can click on their profile image anywhere it shows up—- including the leaderboard, in challenges (only those where responses are publicly shared), and in discussion forums.
• If you know the name of the person you want to connect with (first, last, or both), click on the “Envelope” icon at the top right of the page. This will open a messaging screen and you can enter their name in the search box. Once the name comes up in the list, click on their name and you can message them directly.
• Depending on the notifications that the contact has selected in the community, they may not see the message until the next time they log into the platform.

Where’s the fine print?
Here. There is no cost associated with participating in the community. As it is a gamified/rewards based platform, you may want to check with your organization to see if you are eligible to participate. If you cannot accept rewards, you can donate your points to a charity or just leave them un-redeemed.
If you have any questions or comments about these FAQ’s or the Kenna Defender Community, please contact us at


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