When can I get the new Dashboard?

Our team is working hard to launch the updated dashboard as soon as possible. We’re nearly there, which is why we wanted to let you know about it! We are currently estimating a November 2016 release.

Can I access the old Dashboard?

We will be rolling out the updated version to customers over a period of time, giving priority to those who wish to update right away. The old version will be completely phased and you will not be able to access it once you’ve been upgraded.

What is the default view users see if they only have a few risk meters?

Every user will default on the “My Risk Meters” dashboard group. This dashboard group displays every risk meter that a user can view.

Do recommended best practices exist for organizing risk meters into dashboard groups?

Currently no best practices exist. We’re allowing users to define this themselves.

Is there a limit to the number of dashboard groups I can create?

There is no limit to the number of dashboard groups a user can create.

Can read-only users create and modify dashboard groups?

Yes. Read-only users may create & edit their dashboard groups. Within these groups read-only users will be able to hide risk meters from showing, but cannot permanently delete any.

Will Kenna remember my custom ordering of risk meters?

Yes. Custom ordering of risk meters is remembered within each dashboard group.

Can I share my dashboard groups with others?

No. Currently this functionality is not supported.