Your Risk Meter Dashboard: Just the Way You Want It

We know that many of our customers have enterprise environments and hundreds of thousands of assets. Our upcoming release makes the risk meter dashboard more customizable than ever—enabling you to quickly and easily monitor the parts of your environment that you care the most about.

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The New Dashboard

Coming Soon!


New Ways to Find Risk

R​isk Meters are now searchable by name as well as color. Want to quickly find those NY-based desktop environments? Want to simply see every risk meter that's in the red? Our search capability gives you the speed you need to zero in on critical parts of your environment.​

Create Your Dashboard

You don't have to have scads of Risk Meters on a single page. Create tabs that enable you to order your environment just the way you want. Create as few or as many as you need.

Drag & Drop

Within each tab, order your risk meters to reflect their level of criticality and priority. You can also easily drag and drop risk meters between different tabs.​

Responsive Design

You can now size your risk meter dashboard to fit different screens. There's never been a better way to present the Kenna dashboard to your peers and stakeholders. Questions? Let us know!

Full List of Updates

  • Risk Meter Features

  • • Risk Meter UI refresh

  • • Drag & Drop functionality added

  • • Risk Meter Titles wrap to 2 lines

  • • Top Fixes links are shown for every Risk Meter

  • • New actions are bundled inside Risk Meters (Show Counts, Edit, Delete)

  • Dashboard Features

  • • Dashboard UI refresh

  • • Search functionality added

  • • Sorting functionality added (A-Z, Highest Risk, Custom Order)

  • • Toggle by Risk Level Color added

  • • Toggle by Size added (Normal, Desktop & TV)

  • • Create-your-own dashboard functionality added