SOAPA Video with Kenna Security: Part 2

Dec 22, 2017

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In part 2 of the video with Kenna Security, CEO Karim Toubba continued to explain why and how vulnerability and risk management have a fundamental place within a security operations and analytics platform architecture (SOAPA). Our discussion focused on:

  • The cybersecurity skills shortage. Anyone who’s read my blogs knows this is a frequent topic of mine as I believe the cybersecurity skills shortage represents an existential risk to all our online safety. Karim agrees that it’s a problem and believes we need to apply compute cycles and artificial intelligence algorithms to process, analyze, and act upon the growing mountain of security data.
  • Machine learning confusion. Yes, I know that Kenna Security’s value is based upon its machine learning prowess, but users are confused by all of the machine learning hyperbole from the industry. Karim’s approach is to focus on business results rather than technology underpinnings as Kenna uses machine learning to calculate risk and pinpoint high priority remediation tasks. Business value over technology? Hmm, seems like a good idea to me.
  • Technology integration. Karim says that Kenna currently integrates with 28 different types of security technologies including vulnerability scanners, penetration testing, and static/dynamic application testing tools. Once again, technology integration is a means to an end. The ultimate goal is to make existing security technology investments more effective, efficient, and productive.

Many thanks to Karim and Kenna Security for participating in the ESG SOAPA video series. Look for more videos soon!


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