Kenna Security Unleashes Industry-Leading Zero-Day Capabilities through Partnership with Exodus

Feb 7, 2017

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Kenna, a vulnerability and risk intelligence platform, that enables organizations to measure and monitor their exposure to risk, today announced its partnership with Exodus and its ability to offer customers easy, actionable access to premium zero-day data. The partnership ensures that Kenna’s customers have a “head start” in terms of determining what zero-day vulnerabilities may affect their organization.

Many of Kenna’s customers are in the Fortune 500 and already have sophisticated vulnerability management programs, and therefore care a great deal about fortifying their efforts with zero-day intelligence. However, zero-day information is ​extraordinarily difficult to integrate with internal assets and meta data, and internal teams expend too many resources trying to apply that information to their own environments.

With Exodus as its new intelligence partner, Kenna now delivers unparalleled visibility into which of its customers’ systems may have exposure to zero-day risk—and it does so instantly, without tedious manual effort, through the Kenna platform’s ability to automate the correlation between a company’s internal assets and Kenna’s own external intelligence.

“The real difference between Kenna and other vulnerability management vendors is the richness and breadth of our exploit intelligence, and how our proprietary algorithm enables us to track the volume and velocity of real-time active and successful exploits. It’s this combination of elements that enables us to help customers prioritize vulnerabilities, as well as measure and monitor risk across their environments. Adding Exodus is another way Kenna is able to deepen and enrich our exploit intelligence, while remaining hyper focused on being both easy to use and relevant for our customers,” said Karim Toubba, Kenna CEO.

“We are excited to be working with Kenna in this capacity. Their product will truly help refine the signal from the noise of all available threat feeds and allow the customer to focus on fixing/mitigating their networks most critical threats,” said Logan Brown, CEO of Exodus Intelligence.

The partnership works via a sophisticated integration between Kenna’s platform and the intelligence provided by Exodus. Since Kenna already has its customers’ asset information based on their vulnerability scans—including what operating systems and applications are installed on those assets down to the version number—the platform is able to generate machine readable fingerprints of those applications and operating systems. Kenna’s platform monitors Exodus Intelligence feeds, looking for zero days that affect those assets. Because Kenna has this proprietary access to its customers’ scan data, only Kenna is able to correlate that data with zero-day intelligence in a way that’s immediately actionable and relevant for internal security teams.

About Kenna
Kenna is a Vulnerability and Risk Intelligence platform that accurately measures risk and prioritizes remediation efforts before an attacker can exploit an organization’s weaknesses. Kenna accomplishes this by automating the correlation of customer vulnerability data, threat data, and zero-day data, analyzing security vulnerabilities against active Internet breaches. For more information, visit

About Exodus Intelligence
Exodus Intelligence provides clients with actionable information, capabilities, and context for proven exploitable vulnerabilities. Our world class team of vulnerability researchers has discovered hundreds of Zero-Day vulnerabilities, providing our clients with this knowledge before the black hat hackers discover them. Our research also extends into the world of known vulnerability research, where we select critical patched vulnerabilities and complete research to prove whether these vulnerabilities are truly exploitable in the wild. For more information, visit


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