Unparalleled visibility into Zero-Day data with Exodus Intelligence and Kenna Security

Feb 7, 2017

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AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 07, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Exodus Intelligence and Kenna Security today announced a partnership that will allow customers premium access to Zero-Day vulnerabilities.

Addressing Zero-Day risk requires you to change your perception of the threat, and address network vulnerabilities before they become public. In today’s ever-changing threat landscape, security analysts are in a daily struggle to understand their risk profile—constantly working to understand their attack surface, assess the total risk that it presents and prioritize their efforts to mitigate those risks. However, if all of their intel and vulnerability data were in a single place, analysts could determine their risk—and quickly remediate the vulnerabilities.

Starting today, Zero-Day metadata from Exodus Intelligence is now directly accessible through the Kenna Security platform. With this data, enterprise cyber security teams will have immediate knowledge of new Zero-Day vulnerabilities, allowing them to more quickly investigate their susceptibility to these critical threats, put into place temporary countermeasures, and track the activities of adversaries trying to exploit Zero-Day vulnerabilities.

Within the Kenna platform, identified applications that are susceptible to Exodus’ Zero-Day vulnerabilities will be displayed in the customers’ primary dashboard—allowing security teams to understand whether their infrastructure supports apps with unpatched Zero-Day vulnerabilities. If a customer has an application with a Zero-Day vulnerability, they will be able to purchase highly detailed reports, network traffic analysis, and mitigation guidance directly from Exodus Intelligence.

Logan Brown, CEO of Exodus Intelligence, said: “We are excited to be working with Kenna in this capacity. Their product will truly help refine the signal from the noise of all available threat feeds and allow the customer to focus on fixing/mitigating their networks most critical threats.”

The integration between Exodus Intelligence and Kenna Security delivers an unprecedented level of security to customers.

About Exodus Intelligence
Exodus Intelligence provides clients with actionable information, capabilities, and context for proven exploitable vulnerabilities. Our world class team of vulnerability researchers has discovered hundreds of Zero-Day vulnerabilities, providing our clients with this knowledge before the black hat hackers discover them. Our research also extends into the world of known vulnerability research, where we select critical patched vulnerabilities and complete research to prove whether these vulnerabilities are truly exploitable in the wild. For more information, visit exodusintel.com.

About Kenna
Kenna is a Vulnerability and Risk Intelligence platform that accurately measures risk and prioritizes remediation efforts before an attacker can exploit an organization’s weaknesses. Kenna accomplishes this by automating the correlation of customer vulnerability data, threat data, and 0-day data, analyzing security vulnerabilities against active Internet breaches. For more information, visit kennasecurity.com.


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