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How We Got Here

We’ve been inventing vulnerability management for a decade. Learn how it all came together.

Searching for a better way to remediate risk

In 2010, Ed Bellis, Chief Information Security Officer at travel giant Orbitz, noticed his team spent too much time chasing vulnerabilities, with little to show for their efforts. The problem? They couldn’t tell which vulns posed the greatest risk to Orbitz. So they ended up trying to patch everything. Ed teamed up with software guru Jeff Heuer, who one colleague describes as “so smart he probably dreams in fractals.” Together, they created an entirely new market–and a new vulnerability management paradigm.

Creating a new market

Ed and Jeff came up with a groundbreaking idea: To use data science and real-world threat intelligence so Security and IT teams can efficiently focus on the vulnerabilities that pose the greatest risk to them. After forming a new company, Ed and Jeff launched the first solution for risk-based vulnerability management.

A decade of innovation

The Kenna Security team has spent more than a decade working in some of the world’s most demanding enterprise environments.
Those challenges motivate us to keep inventing breakthroughs that shape how enterprises manage their risk.
Looking back, we have plenty to be proud of.

  • 2010
    The beginning
    With a $1 million seed funding from Tugboat Ventures and Hyde Park Angels, Ed Bellis and Jeff Heuer form a new company to pioneer risk-based vulnerability management.

  • 2011
    Risk-Based Vulnerability Prioritization
    Powering what eventually would become Kenna.VM, billions of data points from 55+ sources analyzed to deliver an accurate, quantifiable risk score for every vulnerability, asset, and group of assets.
  • 2012
    Series A Round: $10M
    1st tranche ($5.3M): U.S. Venture Partners (lead), Tugboat Ventures, Hyde Park Angels and Costanoa Ventures invest. 2nd tranche: Costanoa Ventures (lead) with U.S. Venture Partners, Tugboat Ventures, and Hyde Park Angels.
  • 2013
    Internet Breach Correlation
    Threat intel data correlated with your internal security data. Helps prioritize the vulnerabilities that present the greatest risk to your organization.
    Prioritized Remediation
  • 2014
    Karim Toubba Joins as CEO
    Cybersecurity management veteran joins Kenna to lead the company as it scales to meet the needs of a growing enterprise customer base.
  • 2015
    Risk trend line reporting
    New reporting capability allows customers to see their risk trend line at a glance.
  • 2016
    Series B Round: $15M
    Investors include PeakSpan Capital (lead), U.S. Venture Partners, OurCrowd, Hyde Park Angels and Costanoa Ventures.
  • 2017
    Multi-Stage Training
    Assesses billions of vulnerabilities to sift true risks from irrelevant noise. Tests efficacy of that model against more than 1 billion additional vulnerabilities.
    Predictive Modeling
  • 2018
    Peer Benchmarking
    Helps every customer track how they stack up against competitors by aggregating and averaging risk scores for a specific industry.
    Series C Round: $25M
  • 2019
    Ability to measure risk by prioritizing findings and vulnerabilities across the entire application portfolio.
    Modern Vulnerability Management
  • 2020
    SC Media Industry Innovator
    Kenna marks its first decade with 2020 SC Media Industry Innovator for the second consecutive year.

Why Kenna?

Find out more about the promise of the Modern Vulnerability Management (MVM) model. See how Kenna’s solutions deliver the unique benefits of MVM: confidence, intelligence, and alignment.

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