Kenna is an industry leader in vulnerability management & threat detection, and our platform uncovers the threats putting organizations most at risk. The Kenna Partner Program works to create relationships that result in successful and profitable partnerships. Are you a threat feed provider, technology provider, MSSP/MSP, or consultant? We invite you to explore our partnering opportunities today.

Threat Feed Partners

At Kenna, we strongly believe that the only way the security industry can defend against attacks is by maintaining a steady exchange of intelligence and information. Our Threat Feed Partners are at the heart of Kenna’s threat processing capabilities, empowering our users to identify where, when and how they are most likely to be attacked. By integrating your threat feed with the Kenna vulnerability threat management platform, you’re helping organizations have access to the broadest community sourced threat data. Contact us to learn about becoming a threat feed partner.

Using attack data and weaponized exploit data from Reversing Labs, Kenna identifies vulnerabilities that are successfully exploited by malware in the wild. The hash of the malware allows clients to search for this malware in their environment.

Using attack data from the AlienVault Open Threat Exchange™ (OTX), Kenna identifies patterns that indicate the ongoing exploitation of particular vulnerabilities worldwide.

Kenna processes user vulnerability data with attack and exploit data from Dell’s Counter Threat Unit, identifying where users are most likely to experience a breach.

Kenna sends an automatic alert of exploits for which a fix is currently unavailable through 24/7 threat processing with Exodus zero-day vulnerabilities.

Kenna sources both attack and exploit data from the SANS Internet Storm Center, which allows Kenna to gain intelligence on the types of attacks being mounted against computers regardless of industry and location.

Exploit Data Partners

Kenna uses exploit data sourced from Metasploit that provides information on the existence of an available exploit in an asset.

Sourcing data from the computer search engine SHODAN allows Kenna to obtain exploit data based on software, geography, operating system, IP address, and more.

Kenna connects into Exploit DB to obtain data around public exploits and corresponding vulnerability software. This enables Kenna to provide a complete picture on those vulnerabilities that are easily exploitable.

Kenna uses exploit data sourced from DSquare Security that includes web application penetration testing from real-life attacks & a powerful exploit framework.

Technology Partners

Kenna partners with technology providers to offer a seamless and powerful connector system that our users can easily connect with their scanners. We support a wide range of technology solutions including network scanners, application scanners and static analysis tools, and offer full visibility to our technology integrations through our marketing channels. Contact us to learn more about becoming one of our technology partners.

Reseller/MSSP Partners

Are you a reseller, managed service provider or consultant looking to add a vulnerability management solution to your portfolio of security solutions? A partnership with Kenna would allow you to deliver the best vulnerability management and threat detection services to your customers. We offer a fully integrated instance of Kenna, a REST-based API for custom development, full product support, training and much more. Contact us to learn more about becoming one of our Reseller/MSSP Partners.