The Kenna
Security Platform

Continuously analyzing vulnerabilities in real-time and prioritizing their remediation through predictive risk modeling

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No other cyber risk analysis platform achieves results more accurately or increases IT efficiency as dramatically. With Kenna’s Data Science and breakthrough Predictive Modeling technologies, a humanly impossible task turns into an easily managed one.

Enterprise Data

- Vulnerability Scanners
- Application Scanners
- Pen Test Data
- Bug Bounty Data

Asset Data

- Asset Data
- Databases
- CSV files

Real-Time Global Threat Intelligence

- 15+ Exploit Feeds
- Zero Day Threats
- Malware
- Exploit Volume and Velocity

Risk Scoring
Leveraging advanced technology and real-world data that serves as a compass for all risk operations
Smart Remediation
Actionable measurements that guide remediation efforts and resource allocation
Fully automated workflow that produces essential cyber risk reporting and evaluation
Intuitive User
Integrated Into the
Risk Workflow
Know What to Remediate and How – Kenna Top Fixes
See How You Compare – Peer Benchmarking

The Kenna Security Platform is designed to be simple to use. You don’t need to be an expert to use the system because the expertise is already built in, which promotes trust, adoption and cooperative risk mitigation.

Kenna works with existing infrastructure to fit your existing workflows, processes and systems, and integrates seamlessly with common ticketing systems, CMDB, and GRCs

Kenna risk remediation notifies and guides the right people of the right vulnerabilities to achieve the greatest cyber risk reduction. Understand the risk score reduction before taking remediation actions to truly ensure increasing efficacy.

Kenna Security is the industry’s first solution to deliver peer benchmarking – providing you the ability to see how your current and historical risk scores compare with the scores of your industry peers.

Get Visibility into Application Risk

The Kenna Application Risk Module extends the capabilities of the Kenna Security Platform by applying the same data science to vulnerabilities at the application layer, enabling enterprises to fully understand risk across their entire stack for the first time.

Widest Coverage in the Industry

15+ intelligence feeds and a knowledge base of more than two billion vulnerabilities create the industry's most accurate analysis.

The Right Needle

Find out which of your critical vulnerabilities need to be dealt with most urgently, backed by credible validation.

Scalable Cloud Platform & SaaS Implementation

The cloud-based Kenna Security Platform scales elastically to virtually any organization size without additional hardware or effort.

No Vendor Lock-in

Kenna doesn't lock you into any tool. You'll enjoy built-in support for the widest set of security and analysis tools without vendor bias.

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Datasheet: The Kenna Security Platform
Datasheet: The Kenna Security Platform

A centralized platform for collaboration and remediation against cyber risk.

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Whitepaper: Reporting Risk to The Board
Whitepaper: Reporting Risk to The Board

Drive improvements in risk management and communicate them to the board.

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Prioritization to Prediction Report, Volume 3
Prioritization to Prediction Report, Volume 3

Produced in conjunction with the Cyentia Institute, this third volume of our Prioritization to Prediction series explores and analyzes the vulnerability management landscape.

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