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Rapid7 Is a Widely Used Vulnerability Scanning Solution
Rapid7 Is a Widely Used Vulnerability Scanning Solution

With today’s threat landscape, it’s a given that your IT infrastructure will be attacked with attempts to steal sensitive data. And it’s what you do to prepare that makes all the difference. Rapid7 Nexpose is one of the most widely used network scanners that continuously scans assets, applications and vulnerabilities to identify patterns of attack.

But don’t rely only on vulnerability scanning, because looking solely at the output of vulnerability scanning won’t tell you everything. Bring in threat intelligence and real-world context. Integrating Rapid7 with Kenna ensures that your team is prioritizing the right things (and not just spinning your wheels).

How it Works

Once connected, each time a security scan is administered in Rapid7, the scan data appears in Kenna where it is correlated with other assessment information and automatically prioritized and indexed. Kenna then combines this information with other data sources and uses predictive analytics to alert any high priority issues.

A Combination of Correlation, Prioritization and Predictive Analytics Are Involved in Bringing Real-World Context to Rapid7 Results

Did you Know?

You may be like other enterprises that use an assessment tool in addition to Rapid7 to identify security and compliance defects across IT systems. Kenna connects and takes in feeds from multiple security tools and then aggregates this data, presenting the information in a single place. You can then manage vulnerabilities, threat metrics, prioritization and bug fixes from one central, easy-to-use application.

Transform Your Security Management Program with Kenna and Rapid7

Integrating your Rapid7 scanner with Kenna can transform your security management program.

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