Get the clarity and context you need to simply and proactively remediate application risk throughout your organization.

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Compatible with your existing infrastructure

Collecting application security data from a wide range of sources, including SAST, DAST, SCA, penetration testing, and bug bounty programs, Kenna.AppSec is a vendor-neutral risk management solution that lets you leverage the volumetric data from application scanners you already own to maximize value from your existing technology investments.

Proactively manage application security risk

Much of today’s applications are developed using open-source code and released faster than ever before, making them highly exposed and putting organizations at risk. With existing security tools operating in silos, and distributed to different teams across different parts of the development lifecycle, AppSec teams get lost in a jungle of duplicated and unexplained findings.

See a full-stack view of risk

COMING SOON: For Kenna.VM customers, Kenna.AppSec can give you a quick view to assess your risk posture across your infrastructure assets and applications. Kenna.AppSec’s “Stacks” allows you to view the risk associated with your risk groups—a set of your infrastructure assets grouped by type, group, etc.—and the applications present on those assets in a single view. Risk scores for each risk group and applications group within a Stack are presented side-by-side in an easy-to-read card, with additional detail available when clicking through.

Go Beyond Application Vulnerability Correlation

What It Takes to Move to Risk-Based Application Vulnerability Management

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Enable developer/DevOps self-service

With Kenna.AppSec, security, development, and DevOps teams can finally align around the common goal of reducing risk in a practical and efficient way. Kenna.AppSec eliminates guesswork and ensures that development and DevOps teams have a powerful solution to aggregate, correlate, and triage findings, and provides actionable information on why application findings and vulnerability issues should be remediated.

Gain comprehensive application security context

Integrate application security data from a wide range of sources, including scanners, penetration testing, bug bounty programs, and static and dynamic application security testing tools to get comprehensive insights regarding the specific level of risk posed by each finding or vulnerability.

Centralize your risk management

Determine risk and prioritize remediation efforts across a multi-vendor environment. Kenna.AppSec provides organizations with full visibility and accurate, real-time risk-based vulnerability prioritization.

Kenna.AppSec Data Sheet

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