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Extensive vulnerability and threat intelligence at your fingertips.

Get Actionable Intel

Comprehensive and authoritative vulnerability research

Access a comprehensive vulnerability database scored and enriched with attack and exploit information, including more than 7+ billion managed vulnerabilities and 15+ exploit and threat intelligence feeds. With Kenna.VI, you get a unified source of intelligence that you can’t get anywhere else.

Prepare for new vulnerabilities

Get the right information to understand the potential impact of a newly announced vulnerability. Using machine learning and data science, Kenna.VI analyzes and scores every vulnerability to help you understand its true risk. With Kenna.VI, your security team can quickly create informed plans of action and focus Red Team efforts on the vulnerabilities that have the highest probability of being exploited.

Easily search a unified database

Search and browse a unified, comprehensive database of vulnerabilities to answer critical questions like:

  • Are there fixes available?
  • Has this vulnerability been used in a breach?
  • Is an exploit for this vulnerability published?
  • What is the likelihood of this being exploited?

Effective cybersecurity is about managing acceptable risk

“Kenna.VI will give customers a peek behind the curtains into the rich exploit and threat intelligence that drives Kenna’s risk scoring, VI also makes it easier for companies with restrictive cloud policies or regulations to leverage Kenna’s capabilities to more efficiently reduce risk by transforming to modern vulnerability management.”

Jason Rolleston
Chief Product Officer
Kenna Security

Vulnerability and exploit attributes

Harness detailed attributes to access specific information about each vulnerability. Attributes include Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) data, remediation, vulnerability velocity and volume, predicted exploitable, malware exploitable, easily exploitable, exploit data, fixes, patch information, and more.

Take your threat research to the next level with Kenna.VI+

Kenna VI+ gives you access to the Kenna.VI interface and a RESTful API, which allows you to query Kenna’s intel database and export the data to use in your vulnerability management program as you see fit. The API also offers additional context by providing a score history for any given CVE.

Learn more about Kenna.VI+

Data sheet – Kenna.VI

Learn more about our vulnerability research tool that provides a unified source of intelligence that you can’t get anywhere else.

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