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Vulnerability Intel You Can Act On

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The Broadest Array of Vulnerability Data—All in One Place

Access a one-of-a-kind consolidation of CVE information—derived from more than 18 threat and exploit intelligence feeds—via an intuitive UI or API.

Kenna.VI: Enrich Your Vulnerability Intel with a Simple UI

Gather comprehensive CVE intel from multiple sources to understand the risk they could pose to your organization, identify fixes, and inform your defense.

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Kenna.VI+: Vulnerability Intel You Can Act On—at Scale

Kenna.VI+ gives you unfettered access to Kenna’s robust vulnerability data via an API. You can overlay Kenna’s data onto any existing data sources to enhance your CVE context or integrate the data into any existing vulnerability management workflow to maximize your VM deployments.

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How actionable is your intel?

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World-Class CVE Enrichment

Our enriched CVE intel includes detailed attack and exploit information, including descriptions, publication dates, Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) data, available exploits, available fixes, if the vulnerability is exploitable by a remote code execution, list of vulnerable products, and much more.

Built-In Data Science

Kenna combines robust threat intelligence with data science to derive a risk score for CVEs and forecast the weaponization of the vulnerability. These data points can be accessed via the API or the UI. 

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Get unfettered access to Kenna’s robust vulnerability data via an API.

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