Search Kenna Security’s vast context-enriched exploit and vulnerability intelligence database to research and understand vulnerabilities.
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Comprehensive and Authoritative Vulnerability Research

Access a comprehensive vulnerability database scored and enriched with attack and exploit information, including more than 7+ billion managed vulnerabilities and 15+ exploit and threat intelligence feeds. With Kenna.VI, you get a unified source of intelligence that you can’t get anywhere else.

Extensive Threat and Exploit Intel

Malware Activity
Detailed information about what malware uses the exploitation of vulnerabilities as part of their attack vector, with hashes provided to help identify specific strains.
Exploit Kits
Comprehensive information about which vulnerabilities have been weaponized, plus specific intelligence on the exploit kit itself.
Exploit Predictions
Supervised machine learning algorithms help deliver visibility into the probability that a newly published vulnerability will be weaponized.
Volume and Velocity
Detailed and specific volume, velocity, and rate of change information about specific vulnerabilities based on data from our global network of sensors.
Popular Targets
Insights into vulnerability prevalence across Kenna’s customer base to determine which vulnerabilities are most likely to be targets of opportunity for attackers.

Vulnerability and Exploit Attributes

“In Kenna.VI, you can harness detailed attributes to access specific information about each vulnerability. They include Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) data, remediation, vulnerability velocity and volume, predicted exploitable, malware exploitable, easily exploitable, exploit data, fixes, patch information, and more.


The Kenna.VI Advantage

Rapid Response
Focus on Risk
Authoritative Research
Predictive Exploit Modeling
Comprehensive Intel

Rapid Response

Kenna.VI arms security teams with all the vulnerability information they need to create a plan of action and respond quickly and authoritatively.

Focus on Risk

Kenna scores every vulnerability so you can always focus on the vulnerabilities that pose the most risk to the organization.

Authoritative Research

Search and browse a comprehensive database of vulnerabilities enriched with exploit and threat metadata.

Predictive Exploit Modeling

Know the level of risk vulnerabilities pose—the instant they’re discovered—with predictive modeling technology.

Comprehensive Intel

The most robust unified source of intelligence for vulnerabilities available anywhere.

Ground Truth Telemetry

15+ threat and exploit intelligence feeds
7+ billion managed vulnerabilities
1+ billion security events processed every month

Datasheet – Kenna.VI

Learn more about our vulnerability research tool that provides a unified source of intelligence that you can’t get anywhere else.

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Datasheet – Kenna.VI+

Learn more about how Kenna.VI+ provides a flexible RESTful API to allow you complete access to Kenna’s rich, real-time vulnerability and threat intelligence.

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