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Remediate faster and more efficiently with data-driven risk prioritization.

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Remediate your vulnerabilities more efficiently

Kenna.VM combines real-world threat and exploit intelligence and advanced data science to determine which vulnerabilities pose the highest risk and which you can deprioritize. Spoiler alert: Your mega-list of “critical vulnerabilities” will shrink faster than a woolen sweater-vest in a hot cycle.

Proactively manage infrastructure security risk

Kenna.VM leverages 18+ threat and exploit intelligence feeds and 12.7+ billion managed vulnerabilities to accurately track, measure, and predict real-world threat and exploit activity. This contextual data is combined with your existing security data from scanners, bug bounty programs, CMDB tools, static application testing tools, etc., to give you the most complete and accurate view of risk within your enterprise.


Focus on the vulnerabilities that matter

Using our proven data science algorithms, Kenna.VM analyzes rich internal and external data to determine the risk scores of each unique vulnerability, asset, and group of assets. You can monitor your enterprise’s risk posture in real-time and see recommended actions—known as Top Fix Groups—that will give you the biggest bang for your buck in terms of reducing your risk score.

Genpact Case Study

Genpact was able to significantly reduce—or eliminate in some cases—time spent on reporting. Scanning penetration reports that previously took 6-8 hours are now generated in 30 minutes, a reduction of 90%.

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Enable IT self-service

With Kenna.VM, security and IT teams can finally align around the common goal of reducing risk in a practical and efficient way. Kenna’s Top Fix Groups, remediation intelligence, and rich vulnerability and threat context eliminate guesswork and ensure that IT teams understand how to fix, why they should fix it, and how to fix it.

Set SLAs that actually mean something

Got your risk score where you want it? Great, now you have to keep it there. Kenna.VM leverages more than a decade of Kenna Security data to recommend service-level agreements (SLAs) based on risk rather than arbitrary 30-, 60-, or 90-day deadlines. Identify your acceptable level of risk and implement evidence-based SLAs to secure your VM posture in the long term.

Centralize your risk management

Determine risk and prioritize remediation efforts across a multi-vendor environment. Kenna.VM provides organizations with full visibility and accurate, real-time risk-based vulnerability prioritization.

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Learn more about our centralized platform for collaboration and remediation against cyber risk.

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