Prioritize remediation based on empirically calculated risk metrics, and get continuous reports on your risk posture and security team performance.
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Get Your Vulnerabilities Under Control  

From the endless amount of vulnerabilities you have to deal with, Kenna.VM precisely calculates which present the highest risk and de-prioritizes the vast majority that don’t, letting organizations effectively mobilize their teams of any size to cooperatively reduce cyber risk.

Enterprise Data

- Vulnerability scanners
- Application scanners
- Pen Test data
- Bug Bounty data

Asset Data

- Asset Data
- Databases
- CSV files

Real-Time Global
Threat Intelligence

- 15+ Exploit Feeds
- Zero Day Threats
- Malware
- Exploit Volume and Velocity


A unique set of real-world knowledge bases, expert systems, machine learning, and predictive
modeling that drives Kenna Security’s accurate vulnerability analysis, risk forecasting, and
intelligent remediation features.

Risk Scoring

Advanced technology and real-world data that serves as a compass for all risk operations

Smart Remediation

Actionable measurements that guide remediation efforts and resource allocation


A fully automated workflow that produces essential cyber risk reporting and evaluation

Intuitive User
Integrated Into the
Risk Workflow
Remediation Top 
Peer Benchmarking

Intuitive User

Kenna.VM allows security and IT teams to monitor and manage their risk posture with “at-a-glance” assessments of security data, current and historical status, and the ability to investigate what’s driving their score. 

Integrated Into the
Risk Workflow

Kenna Security fits right into your existing infrastructure, working with your existing workflows, processes
and systems, and integrating seamlessly with common ticketing systems, CMDB, and GRCs.

Remediation Top 

Kenna Security risk remediation notifies the right people of the right vulnerabilities to achieve the greatest
possible cyber risk reduction, guiding each team through the steps required to best remediate a given risk.

Peer Benchmarking

Kenna Security is the industry’s first solution to deliver peer benchmarking, providing you the ability to see how your current and historical risk scores compare with the scores of your industry peers.

Widest Coverage
 in the Industry

Leveraging 15+ intelligence feeds and a
knowledge base of more than 7+
billion vulnerabilities create the
industry's most accurate analysis.

The Right Needle
in the Haystack 

Informing on which of your critical
vulnerabilities need to be dealt
with most urgently, backed by
credible validation.

Scalable Cloud Platform
 & SaaS Implementation

Scaling elastically to virtually any
organization size without
additional hardware or effort.

No Vendor

Letting you enjoy built-in support for
the widest set of security and
analysis tools without vendor bias.

Get Visibility into Application Risk

Kenna.AppSec extends the capabilities of the Kenna.VM by applying the same data science to vulnerabilities at the application layer, enabling enterprises to fully understand risk across their entire stack for the first time.

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Solution Brief – Kenna.VM

<b>Solution Brief – Kenna.VM</b>

Learn more about our centralized
platform for collaboration and remediation
against cyber risk.

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