Tips for Qualys Vulnerability Scanning –
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Tenable Nessus Scanner Quickly Identifies Vulnerabilities
Qualys Is a Widely Used Vulnerability Scanning Solution

The Qualys scanning platform is one of the most widely used vulnerability scanners in the industry. IT Security pros love the solution for its proven ability to pull massive amounts of data in regards to at-risk environments.

Here’s what people don’t love, though: it takes countless hours to crawl through that data and figure out where to prioritize remediation efforts. Instead of knowing exactly what to fix, it’s necessary to cross-reference the Qualys data with real-time threat information, which of course changes constantly.

It’s like trying to swim out from underneath a wave—only to have five more waves crash on top of you again.


Augment your Qualys vulnerability scanning solution with the Kenna platform. Acting like a GPS for your scan data, Kenna can save your team hours of data crunching by quickly assessing your environment in the context of real-time threat feeds, and then pointing you to exactly the issues that your team needs to address fast.

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Tip #1

Find Your Weaknesses and Protect Your Organization

The “secret sauce” of Kenna is its ability to look at real-time threat feeds, then align that information with what Qualys reveals about your own environment. In doing so, it’s able to prioritize for your team what needs to be fixed. You can’t fix everything, but with Kenna, you’ll know what needs to be fixed now, based on up-to-the-minute data. Your Qualys scanner has never been so useful.

Tip #2

Never Guess, Know for Sure

You’ll understand the full breadth of your risk with our Risk Meter Dashboards. Understand your company’s vulnerabilities and see immediately where an attack may occur. You can change the way your Risk Meters look to suit your own team’s habits and best practices. The Risk Meters are also a great way to communicate the results of your work to your management team.

Tip #3

Avoid Exploits, Attacks, Breaches and Zero-Day Threats

You’ll save countless hours by seeing exactly what action your team needs to take, based on what’s happening right now, in real time.

Tip #4

Easily Connect & Start Gaining Visibility

Qualys isn’t the only vulnerability scanner that we support. We have over 20 technologies that we can augment, including static and dynamic web application scanners. And it only takes minutes to get started. Use automated APIs if you want to use our platform during particular time frames, such as a daily, weekly, or monthly cadences.

Tip #5

Really Get to Know Qualys – Search Capabilities

Kenna enables you to consume your Qualys data fast with our Advanced Search. You can pick what variables to include and adjust your search results accordingly.

Integrate Your Qualys Scanner with the Kenna Vulnerability Management Platform

A powerful way to go about Qualys vulnerability scanning is to use the Kenna platform to consume the data faster and get to results more quickly. In doing so, you’ll know exactly where to prioritize your efforts—and exactly what to fix to improve your overall security posture.

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