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Cutting-edge research on vulnerability management.

P2P Volume 5: In Search of Assets at Risk

The fifth volume of the Prioritization to Prediction series produced in conjunction with the Cyentia Institute explores the vulnerability risk landscape by looking at how enterprises often view vulnerabilities: through the lens of common asset platforms.
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Earn (ISC)² Credit With Kenna Education

We’re all too familiar with the shortage of cybersecurity talent. That’s why it’s fortunate that there are a number of educational paths to becoming a security professional and advancing one’s career in security. Included in that number is obtaining a security certification, such as the Certified Information Systems Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification or another…


High-Risk Vulnerabilities 2010-2020

Ranking the Worst of the Worst. Download this ebook and get a data-based review of the top vulnerabilities from the past decade to see the top vulnerability or vulnerabilities for each of the past 10 years.  This assessment is based on Kenna Security’s data science-based calculation of the risk posed by any given CVE to…


Github as a Source for Exploits?

We look at the phenomena of exploit code moving from traditional and cybersecurity-centric databases like Exploit-DB and Metasploit and instead being published on Github. Is Github becoming a de facto database for exploit code? Transcript Dan Mellinger: Today on Security Science, is GitHub the new source for exploits? Hello, and thank you for joining us. I’m…

Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

Now Playing: Insights On Demand from Kenna Katalyst

Experts have an urgent message for CISOs and IT execs: Focusing your vulnerability management efforts around risk will be a top priority for 2020-2021. They’ve been saying that for a while, but the need to adopt a risk-based vulnerability management (RBVM) program, informed by real-world intelligence and powered by data science, is becoming more acute…


4 Ways to Optimize Your Security CX Game

The traditional model for security vendors’ customer experience (CX) teams is to help customers achieve a certain level of proficiency with their security platform. Once obtained they then swoop in to pitch upgrades or add-ons, or hammer customers on increasing license utilization.  It’s not that enterprises can’t benefit from new capabilities or enhanced technologies. And…

Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight – Vada Pav with Venkata Wunnava

If you’re looking for someone who embodies Kenna Security’s values of Character, Customer, and Trust, you need not look further than Venkata Wunnava. As a Quality Assurance Engineer at Kenna Security, Venkata helps to make sure the technology behind our vulnerability management solutions meets the highest standards so that we can deliver the most value…


How to Implement Risk-Based Vulnerability Management Now: A Practical Guide

Download the guide and discover why traditional ways of vulnerability management no longer work and how focusing on risk is the key to remediating the vulnerabilities that matter most.

Vulnerability Management

How Noise Filters Help You Fix the Vulns that Matter

Vulnerability scoring systems have been around a long time. But while they’ve evolved over time, many still lack grounding in rigorous statistics and data science and tend to suffer from the same problem: noise.   When it comes to vulnerability management, noise means too many false positives. This isn’t a “false positive” in the sense of…

Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

2021 New Year’s Security Resolution: Fix The Right Things, Everything Else Can Wait

To say that 2020 was tough is an understatement, and at times it was difficult to imagine even the glimpse of a silver lining. However, those who know me best will say I’m the eternal optimist and, as such, I was determined to finish the year on a positive note.  Reflecting on the many discussions…

Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

Aligning Security and IT with Kenna and VMware Carbon Black

Happy New Year, folks! To kick off 2021 and shake off those remaining post-holiday blues, we’d love to invite you to join us for a chat with VMware Carbon Black on Wednesday, January 13th. We’ll be talking about best practices for bridging the Security-IT divide within vulnerability management and increasing cloud workload protection using risk-based…


A Walk Down Vulnerability Lane

Kenna Security recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary on Dec. 10th, 2020; so we decided to do what we do best and take a data-based (and rare) review of the top vulnerabilities from the past decade, year-by-year.

Company News

Now More Than Ever, the Future Is Everything

How would you sum up 2020? Challenging? Dismaying? Derailing? All would likely apply.  But trying times tend to pull people together, and we are seeing this daily with our customers, partners and employees. And with the news about the efficacy and imminent availability of several COVID-19 vaccines, there is hope on the horizon that 2021…


Are Your Presents Spying On You?

We discuss the security and privacy of connected gifts this holiday shopping season. Transcript Dan Mellinger: Today on Security Science: Are your gifts spying on you? Hello, and thank you for joining us. I’m Dan Mellinger. And today, we’re discussing the security and privacy of devices and gifts this holiday shopping season. My guest today has…


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