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Using Coverage and Efficiency to Determine Remediation Strategy

Deciding which vulnerabilities to remediate is a daunting task. In a perfect world, all vulnerabilities would be remediated as discovered.
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The NSA ❤️ Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

Growing up I loved the Spy vs. Spy comic in MAD Magazine where one spy always tried to get an advantage over the other. One tactic neither spy used, though, was publishing a list of the attacks the other spy was likely to try, which is why I was both bemused and amused when the…


Risk Efficiency Calculator for Vulnerability Management

You may think you need to remediate thousands of vulns.The truth may surprise you. Answer two quick questions about your current remediation program, and we’ll show you how many vulnerabilities actually pose a significant risk to your IT environment (compared to your existing CVSS-based strategy). Save time, money and resources – and unlock more efficiency.


Measuring What Matters with Cyentia Institute

We discuss the fourth report in our multi-part dive into the Prioritization to Prediction research series by Kenna Security and The Cyentia Institute. Prioritization to Prediction volume 4: Measuring What Matters In Remediation.

Vulnerability Remediation

What is Vulnerability Remediation? Here’s a Primer

Vulnerability remediation is the patching or fixing of cybersecurity weaknesses that are detected in enterprise assets, networks and applications. Formerly a manual process, vulnerability remediation today is more automated, with advanced data science, threat intelligence, and predictive algorithms helping to determine which vulnerabilities should be remediated first.  Taking a risk-based approach helps IT and DevOps…


Boost Web Vulnerability Management with Prioritization and Visibility

Maximize Your Web Security Manual processes and standalone tools are no longer enough to build and maintain a consistent security program. When you add the growing cybersecurity skills gap into the picture, it is clear that security partnerships are now vitally important. In this webinar, you will learn how to optimize web vulnerability management with…

Vulnerability Management

11 Tips for Choosing a Vulnerability Management Solution

“These tips go to 11.” – Nigel Tufnel It can be daunting to choose between vulnerability management (VM) solutions when all vendors describe their offerings in very similar ways. So making the best choice for you means identifying what your organization needs, and ensuring the solutions you’re evaluating meet those needs. It’s safe to say…


Using Models to Predict and Prioritize Risk

For effective vulnerability management you need the ability to quickly rate and prioritize vulnerabilities based on risk.

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How Does Your Vulnerability Management Compare to Other Companies?

Find out in 4 minutes. Take this brief survey to discover how your remediationpractices stack up against your peers. 5 things you’ll gain immediately after hitting SUBMIT: A custom report highlighting the current state of your VM efforts focusing on: maturity, structure, process, and budget A data-backed understanding of how your cyber risk health ranks…

Data Sheets

Kenna.VI Data Sheet

KENNA.VI (Vulnerability Intel) is a comprehensive research tool that allows enterprises to search Kenna Security’s vast exploit and vulnerability intelligence databases. Rely on Kenna.VI to research and understand vulnerabilities in your environment and in the wild, while keeping track of major trends.

Data Sheets

Kenna.AppSec Data Sheet

 If your organization is like many others, your application security program is still fairly immature. At the same time, business applications are only gaining in number and importance, and cyberthreats continue to grow more advanced. It’s time to arm your application security teams with a solution that lets them get ahead of cyber risk. 

Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight – Moscow Mule with Mylo Reyes

When opportunity knocks, Mylo Reyes answers the door. Mylo, a talented UX Designer, is an active participant in many aspects of life here at Kenna Security. You’ll find his good humor and thoughtful insight pop up in many places, including the company’s BIPOC Diversity and Inclusion group. Mylo seems to be equal parts intelligent, passionate,…


Reporting Risk To The Board

We discuss the evolution of cybersecurity metrics and reporting to Boards of Directors.

Threat Intelligence

15+ Threat Intel Feeds Power Modern Vulnerability Management

One question we often get from customers or prospective clients is why we use 15+ threat and exploit intelligence feeds? Seems excessive, right? Why not just 4 or 5 feeds? Or 10? Why do we use more than 15 threat and exploit intelligence feeds to power the Kenna.VM modern vulnerability management platform?  The answer is…


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