The Ciso Kit

Engage security decision makers and create long-term partnerships.

Based on the research of enterprise leaders' preferences, and the needs of sales in the buying process, we to bring to you the CISO Kit as a curated collection of content to educate and ease decision-making for organizations looking to prioritize remediation within a risk-based vulnerability management program.

Download each CISO Kit asset to learn and share:

• The value of RBVM How to assess vendors
• Ways to simplify the buying journey
• When to buy or build a VM program
• What eases the friction between Security and IT teams
• Why board buy-in is critical in the purchasing process
• The importance of partner-focused relationships, and much more

7 Questions to Ask Every VM Vendor

An eBook outlining the 7 pivotal questions security decision-makers need to ask when comparing vendor effectiveness.


How to Build a Modern VM Program in 6 Steps

A buyer’s guide that walks prospects through the 6 steps needed to implement a risk-based vulnerability management program.


How to Eliminate Friction Between Security & IT 

This infographic details how an RBVM enables seamless coordination between the Security teams and IT professionals to focus their collaborative efforts on the riskiest vulnerabilities.


Buy vs. Build? 5 Considerations for VM 

An eBook to help determine when to buy, when to build, or when to do both when it comes to employing a vulnerability management program that helps companies protect their business.


8 Ways to Speed Time-to-Value

Download an infographic that walks security leaders through 8 proactive steps to ensure time-to-value materializes promptly when making an investment in a risk-based management program.


Download the entire CISO Kit


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