How Does Your Vulnerability Management Compare to Other Companies?

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Find out in 4 minutes.

Take this brief survey to discover how your remediation
practices stack up against your peers.

5 things you’ll gain immediately after hitting SUBMIT:

  1. A custom report highlighting the current state of your VM efforts focusing on: maturity, structure, process, and budget
  2. A data-backed understanding of how your cyber risk health ranks vs. other companies
  3. A taste of what real-world data can do to amplify your own risk remediation
  4. Confirmation of where you’re excelling — and alerting you to areas that need your attention now
  5. A better answer to the question, “How do we compare to our peers?”

Don’t worry. This is just between us. Kenna Security helps companies better prioritize and eliminate risk. We’re not in the business of sharing your data. (In fact, it’s the opposite. We’re here to help you protect it.)

This survey and resulting vulnerability management performance report is based on a survey of ~100 Kenna customers developed as a data input for the Prioritization to Prediction series of research reports conducted by Kenna Security and The Cyentia Institute.

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