Data-Driven Security
August 5, 2014

The Power Law of Information

Presentation that Covers The Power Law of Information and How It Applies to Breach Size and Occurrence by Volume

Michael Roytman, Data Scientist, Kenna

Power laws occur widely and irrefutably in economics, physics, biology, and international relations. The root causes of power laws are hard to determine, but a good theory is that proportional random growth causes the phenomenon.

This presentation by Kenna Data Scientist Michael Roytman attempts to prove a power law for breach size and breach occurrence volume by:

  • Using data from over 30,000 businesses
  • Showing that no matter the set of breaches one picks, the most impactful breach will have more impact than all the others combined
  • Information security breaches are scale-invariant and distributed according to a power law

Watch this short presentation to learn why averages should not be used in information security and why breaches are better described with The Power Law of Information.