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Prioritization to Prediction Volume 7: Establishing Defender Advantage

Do exploit code releases help or harm defenders? We decided to put this hotly contested debate to the test.

The seventh volume of the Prioritization to Prediction series produced in conjunction with the Cyentia Institute attacks this debate from all angles. 

Pouring over Kenna Security’s own threat and vulnerability intelligence, anonymized platform data, and Fortinet exploitation data, we analyzed over 6 billion vulnerabilities affecting 13 million active assets across nearly 500 organizations. 

And we were able to eliminate all arguments except one … 

Download your copy of Prioritization to Prediction: Establishing Defender Advantage to discover: 

  • Whether or not releasing exploits before patch availability harms defenders
  • Just how many vulnerabilities are actually exploited
  • How the release of exploit code impacts exploitation activity
  • The advantages (or disadvantages) software vendors can offer both attackers and defenders 

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