Beyond Vulnerability Management — Strategies for Tenable Nessus Scanner

Tenable Nessus Scanner Quickly Identifies Vulnerabilities
Tenable Nessus Scanner Quickly Identifies Vulnerabilities

With organization using a large number of networks, routers, firewalls, servers and business devices, the dataset is too large and inviting to attackers to not scan regularly. A missed vulnerability may leave you open to attack. A scanner that identifies invalid issues will waste your IT resources. The Tenable Nessus scanner quickly detects weaknesses and ensures that your organizational assets remain safe and secure.

Scanners will tell you the CVSS score, but you probably know that those scores often don’t reflect the actual danger. Kenna identifies the greatest threats to your environment by contextualizing your security vulnerabilities with active, in-the-wild Internet breaches, making your results from the Tenable Nessus scanner more valuable.

Kenna Works with Tenable Nessus Scan Files and API

Make Your Scan Data Manageable

Upload an XML file from the Tenable Nessus scanner, or synchronize your data in just a few minutes using our RESTful API. Kenna aggregates your vulnerability data so that your entire organization—from security practitioners to non-technical executives—can track your progress along the way.

Kenna Contextualizes Tenable Nessus Vulnerability Scan Data with Threat Intelligence

Put Your Vulnerabilities in Context

You can’t fix all of your vulnerabilities, so focus on those that will have the greatest impact. Kenna contextualizes real-time threat information from eight threat intelligence sources with vulnerability data from sources like the Tenable Nessus scanner to point you towards the vulnerabilities actually being exploited. Save massive amounts of time in your vulnerability management process as a result.

Use Kenna Reports to Track Remediation Progress and How Your Risk Exposure Trends

Measure & Report on Risk

With every organization—from midsize to enterprise—at risk of a breach, it’s important to understand how risk is trending. Track the progress of your remediation, identify areas of improvement, and locate critical information around your exposure to specific threats. When everyone has access to the same view of your organization’s risk, communicating and understanding your risk posture is simple.

Use Kenna to Understand Your Organization’s Real-Time Exposure to Risk and Weaknesses

Know Your Real-Time Exposure

Blind spots may prevent you from understanding your risk exposure but Kenna offers a clear view. Learn which assets have weaknesses and which threats are significant, and discover your true risk of a breach. Have confidence in your remediation, and stop making guesses.


What Kenna brings to Tenable Nessus scanner results is automated threat intelligence with less resources. Stop parsing through scan results and creating reports and start contextualizing your results with threat intelligence

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Kenna isn’t a vulnerability scanning solution, nor is it a threat intelligence provider, but we bring these two together with a patented technology that helps our users double their efficiency and productivity.

Transform Your Security Management Program with Kenna and Tenable Nessus

Contextualizing your data from the Tenable Nessus scanner with threat intelligence with a little help from Kenna.

Get a full picture of your risk (and an automated way of doing it).

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