The Science Behind Kenna

Kenna Cyber Risk Context Technology™ is the only technology that looks outside the organization in order to understand which of the masses of vulnerabilities are most likely to pose a real threat.

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Data-Driven Remediation Prioritization

The Kenna Platform leverages 15+ exploit intelligence feeds, a knowledge base of 3+ billion
(and growing) managed vulnerabilities, global attack telemetry and predictive modeling to provide the most informed and accurate risk prioritization available.

  • Ground Truth Telemetry

    Billions of pieces of information that tell us about what attackers are doing, how, and what tools they are using, to exploit vulns in the wild.

  • Risk Scoring Engine

    Algorithmically determine risk scores of vulnerabilities and assets based on GTT, customer vulnerabilities, and customer asset data.

  • Remediation Intelligence Engine

    Prioritize remediation based on maximum impact of risk score reduction and increase in efficacy across all vulnerabilities.

  • Predictive Modeling

    Machine learning algorithms that predict the probability of exploitation, based on historical data for newly released vulnerabilities


Assets Protected


Security Events


Data Sources

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Predict and Prevent Attacks Before They Happen

The Kenna Platform includes Predictive Modeling Technology that accurately predicts the future weaponization and risk of newly disclosed vulnerabilities the instant they arrive. And more importantly, to ignore them if warranted (most vulnerabilities won’t present a threat, ever).

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Datasheet: The Kenna Security Platform
Datasheet: The Kenna Security Platform

A centralized platform for collaboration and remediation against cyber risk.

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Whitepaper: Reporting Risk to The Board
Whitepaper: Reporting Risk to The Board

Drive improvements in risk management and communicate them to the board.

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