Kenna’s Threat Intelligence

Kenna brings external threat intelligence and 0-Day data into your vulnerability data. For the first time, you know what’s happening in real time that may pose a threat to your specific environment.

How We Do It

Kenna uses multiple threat feeds, the internal assets of its customers, and a proprietary algorithm to process over 100 million exploits against our customers’ vulnerability counts. We evaluate which of those vulnerabilities are being subject to Active Internet Breaches—which ones are popular targets—which ones are easily exploited—and which ones are subject to 0-day threats. All of this displays in an easy to use, actionable dashboard. The entire process only takes minutes.

100M+ Successful Exploits Processed Per Week

24/7 Threat Processing

The Kenna platform updates constantly. All hours of the day, seven days a week, we're evaluating your internal assets against external threat data—and adjusting your risk score accordingly.

Threat Data Partners

Using attack data from the AlienVault Open Threat Exchange™ (OTX), Kenna identifies patterns that indicate the ongoing exploitation of particular vulnerabilities worldwide.

Kenna processes user vulnerability data with attack and exploit data from Dell’s Counter Threat Unit, identifying where users are most likely to experience a breach.

Kenna sends an automatic alert of exploits for which a fix is currently unavailable through 24/7 threat processing with Exodus zero-day vulnerabilities.

Kenna sources both attack and exploit data from the SANS Internet Storm Center, which allows Kenna to gain intelligence on the types of attacks being mounted against computers regardless of industry and location.

Exploit Data Partners

Kenna uses exploit data sourced from Metasploit that provides information on the existence of an available exploit in an asset.

Sourcing data from the computer search engine SHODAN allows Kenna to obtain exploit data based on software, geography, operating system, IP address, and more.

Kenna connects into Exploit DB to obtain data around public exploits and corresponding vulnerability software. This enables Kenna to provide a complete picture on those vulnerabilities that are easily exploitable.

It's All about the Algorithm

Big data is useless without the framework to use it. Kenna's team of data scientists has perfected the ability to extract useful, actionable information from the billions of vulnerabilities and exploits we see every day. But don't take our word for it. Take a free trial and upload a few thousand of your own assets. You'll see what we mean.

The Problem with Your Threat Intelligence

Read more about threat intelligence and how to do it right in our latest white paper.

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