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7 Questions Every CISO Should Ask Vulnerability Management Vendors

7 Questions Every CISO Should Ask Vulnerability Management Vendors

Sifting out marketing claims from actual facts is often the most difficult part of evaluating vulnerability management (VM) solutions—particularly when it comes to assessing vuln prioritization. When every vendor promises their vuln prioritization is “industry leading” or “most advanced,” how can you possibly stack up Brand X against Brand Y?

In this powerful introduction to the Modern Vulnerability Management How-To Webinar Series, Michael Roytman, Kenna Security’s Chief Data Scientist, reviews how different vulnerability management platforms handle vuln prioritization. The age old question of “which scanner is better” actually has an answer. All we need to answer is data from each scanner, and a system of metrics for evaluating vulnerability management performance. Michael will share the data about the major scanning and RBVM vendors.  

Watch now to learn:

  • How vulnerability prioritization has evolved 
  • The 7 questions to ask every VM solution vendor
  • Metrics for evaluating vulnerability prioritization
  • How different scanners stack up on vulnerability prioritization effectiveness metrics
  • How to use your in-house data to assess VM program performance


Earn one CPE credit through ISC² by attending this webinar.

Michael Roytman
Chief Data Scientist
Kenna Security
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