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Attack Surfaces Are Increasing: What’s Your Game Plan?

Attack Surfaces Are Increasing: What’s Your Game Plan?

Traditional network boundaries have long since disappeared. Organizations today must protect an array of ephemeral and distributed assets, on-premise and in the cloud, across their core networks and those of trusted partners and suppliers. The challenge of monitoring this distributed attack surface has only increased with the surge in remote work due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Without complete visibility into your global external attack surface, traditional vulnerability scans can miss key threats to your environment. 

Companies looking to better manage their internet assets and lower their risk profile need a reliable way to discover all of their assets and unearth the high-risk assets that pose the biggest threat to their organization. 

In this webinar, Kenna Security and Expanse—two industry disruptors—will cover how Security and IT teams can gain a full picture of the health and security of their entire internet attack surface. Discover how you can better inventory, manage, and secure your ever-growing attack surface with continuous discovery and data-driven vulnerability prioritization. 

Watch this webinar to learn how to: 

  • Improve risk reduction decisions by combining Internet-wide discovery, context, and data science 
  • Get a trusted system of record on all Internet assets 
  • Ensure your RBVM program doesn’t miss any risky assets 
  • Empower Security and IT with the attack surface visibility needed to proactively reduce risk


Shelby Carpenter
Senior Product Marketing Manager


Howard Carter
Product Manager


Linda Brown
Director of Technical Product Management
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