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Endpoint Vulnerability Management in a Remote Workforce World

Endpoint Vulnerability Management in a Remote Workforce World

Thousands of vulnerabilities are hiding in your environment—unpatched software, missing data encryption, malware, SQL injections, a bug-riddled file, the list goes on. And as remote work expands the boundaries of your environment, wrangling your highest-risk vulns (and your endpoints) becomes increasingly challenging. 

Your new world problem demands a new world answer. 

Kenna Security has partnered with Microsoft to build a new integration between Kenna.VM and Microsoft Defender for Endpoint to give joint customers more personalized vulnerability prioritization and actionable insights. 

Learn new best practices for gaining visibility into your entire environment and centrally managing endpoint vulnerabilities. Microsoft’s Program Manager for threat and vulnerability management Shir Feldman and Kenna Security’s Technical Product Management Director, Linda Brown, will break down how to maximize efficiency and optimize your security posture as remote work integrates deeper into the modern landscape in this on-demand webinar.

Register to learn how actionable, risk-based vulnerability management helps you:  

  • Accurately measure risk across your entire stack
  • Prioritize your high-risk endpoint vulns and predict future exploits 
  • Lower your risk profile while leveraging existing investments 
  • Bridge the gap between Security and IT

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